Prey Coffee Break Achievement - Dr. Calvino's Secret Stash Location

Coffee Break achievement is one of the trophies in Prey. You can get it by finding Dr. Calvino’s secret stash. The stash is hidden somewhere in the Hardware Labs are, but it’s hard to find, and even harder to access. In this guide, we’re going to show you Lorenzo Calvino’s secret stash location and how to open it, so you can unlock Prey Coffee Break achievement.

coffee break achievement dr calvino's secret stash location
Prey Coffee Break achievement

Where to find Calvino’s secret stash

The stash is hidden in Calvino’s Workshop, in the Hardware Labs area. The main story will lead you inside, so you don’t have to worry about that. The location and the solution to the stash puzzle is revealed in one of the videos on the Looking Glass console. You’ll need to fix it beforehand, obviously.

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Once you do, go into video playback, and select Test.PHASE_2.lgv. If it doesn’t work, make sure you’ve ran all the options in diagnostics. It will play a video of Dr. Calvino and a coworker arguing. After the coworker leaves, Calvino will grab a coffee thermos and go to the left. If you position yourself just right, you’ll be able to see him doing something with the table (the one with the digital scale on it), after which a wall panel moves and his stash is revealed.

What you need to do is go under the stairs by the entrance, and look for a big red toolbox. The coffee thermos is on it – the game calls it Dr. Calvino’s Tumbler. Pick it up, and take it ot the scale. Once you approach, Morgan will automatically place it on the scale, which will open the stash.

Inside, you’ll find a couple of neuromods and the keycard to Calvino’s cabin. More importantly, a popup will let you know you’ve unlocked the trophy. Congrats!

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