Prey I and Thou Empathy Gold Achievement / Trophy

I and Thou achievement is a gold trophy in Prey. In order to get it, you need to finish the game with as much empathy points as possible. There’s a point system in the game that calculates your overall empathy depending on your actions. Certain actions decrease your empathy, even beyond repair. That’s why we’ll show you how to get the I and Thou achievement.

Prey I and Thou Empathy Gold Achievement / Trophy
Prey I and Thou Empathy Gold Achievement / Trophy

To unlock the I and Thou trophy, you’ll have to complete Prey with a certain empathy score. More specifically, you’ll need to have four empathy points or more when you finish the game. You’ll be judged by your actions. Saving people and completing certain quests will raise your empathy. Killing or letting people die decreases it. If you rack up the body count to achieve psychopath status, there’s no hope of attaining the I and Thou achievement.

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How to Get I and Thou Empathy Points

Each of the actions we’ll mention raises your empathy score by one point. Remember, you need at least four. First off, during your playthrough, you can save ten people under Typhon mind control. There’s also several people that you can rescue:

  • Dahl (during the Incapacitate Dahl quest)
  • Dr. Igwe (located in the Talos I Exterior)
  • Alex Yu (found in the Arboretum)

You can complete several quests to bump up your number as well, and we’ve listed them below.

  • Dahl’s Ultimatum
  • Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin
  • Mikhaila’s Father
  • Escape Attempt
  • Gustav Leitner
  • Help Luther Glass
  • Danielle Sho

As stated above, killing people either directly or through inaction will lower your empathy score. Killing Aaron Ingram will dock one point. Murdering Dr. Igwe, Alex Yu, Mikhaila Ilyushin and Sarah Elazar will take off two each. Meanwhile, letting Mikhaila, Sarah and Dr. Igwe die will cost you one point per death.

Finally, achieving Psychopath Status deducts one hundred empathy points, therefore blocking the I and Thou achievement for that playthrough. There are two ways to do this, and we’ll list them for you to avoid (or complete, in case you’re feeling murdery).

The first way is to dispatch Sarah Elazar and the security officers. The second method is to murder Sarah, Mikhaila Ilyushin and Dr. Igwe.

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