Prey How to Unlock Preorder Bonus Items

Prey preorder bonus items are a set of useful materials, tools and weapons you’ll receive for buying the game before release. You don’t have to earn them in the game, since you already practically paid for them. You only have to find them. They’re in a pretty obvious spot, but it’s not accessible from the start, so you’ll have to play an hour or so before you get to it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Prey preorder bonus items, where to find them.

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prey how to unlock preorder bonus items
How to unlock Prey preorder bonus items

How to access Prey preorder bonus

First of all, make sure you’ve downloaded the add-on. Once you start the game, a pop-up will greet you, thanking you for preordering. It will also tell you that your rewards are waiting in a special container in Morgan’s office.

Morgan’s office is part of the Talos 1 Lobby, and it’s a place where the main story leads you pretty early. Once you’re inside, get behind Morgan’s desk. From there, you’ll be able to see the cabinet clearly. It will be on your left, by the entrance.

When you open the cabinet up, you’ll find the following inside:

  • The Margrave shotgun
  • Neuromod x3
  • Medkit x2
  • Shotgun shells x4
  • Synthetic material x300
  • Mineral material x300
  • Shotgun shell fabrication plan
  • Recycler Shielding (*)19.4 GHz suit chipset, which makes you immune to recycler charges

The last one might actually be a random chipset – most of the chipsets in the game are in set locations, but are randomized on each playthrough. Some are scripted and always remain in the same place, but most of them aren’t. As for the neuromods, our advice is to use them on an essential skill – like hacking, leverage or repair. Each of them makes the early game much easier, regardless of how you specialize later.

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