Prey Fabrication Plan Locations - Where to find Blueprints

Fabrication plans are blueprints in Prey. They’re used as crafting schematics, and allow you to create ammo, medkits, neuromods and more. On higher difficulties, they become really important. Most of them are easy to miss, so we’re going to help you find them. In this guide, we’re going to show you Prey fabrication plan locations, how to reach them and what materials they require.

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Prey Fabricator Crafting Station
Prey fabrication plan locations

The first crafting station, called a fabricator, is found in your office, reachable fairly early on in the game. You’ll find two plans in that same room. Here’s a list of all the blueprints we’ve found:

  1. Hypo (Psi)
  2. Medkit
  3. GLOO Cannon Ammo
  4. Wrench
  5. Silenced Pistol Ammo
  6. Shotgun Shells

Hypo (Psi) Fabrication Plan

Station Map: Neuromods Division
Location: Simulation Debriefing Room
Crafting Materials: 1 Organic, 1 Mineral, 1 Exotic
Description: A psychostimulant that increases the phychic potential of an individual when injected.

Found fairly early in the game. Leave your apartment by breaking the balcony glass, then go to your right. Inside this room, there is a Simulation Debriefing Safe. The code for this safe is written on the nearby white board. At this point, it is erased. As you progress through the game, you’ll enter your office, and play a video of yourself. This video was filmed in the same room where you are now, and the safe code is visible in it. It is 5150. If you know this fact in advance, you can use it to save time.

Medkit Fabrication Plan

Station Map: Talos I Lobby
Location: Trauma Center
Crafting Materials: 2 Organic, 1 Mineral, 1 Synthetic
Description: An auto-diagnosing first aid kit to recover from minor injuries.

The Trauma Center is located on the second floor, in the west of the Main Lobby. In order to enter it, you’ll need a keycard. The closest one is found on a counter, just east from the Trauma door, down on the first floor. You can see it from the entrance, there is a large Transtar sign above it. Once you deal with the enemies in the Trauma Center, go toward the red desk in the center of the room. The plan is on it, just next to a microscope and a lamp.

GLOO Cannon Ammo Blueprint

Station Map: Talos I Lobby
Location: Your Office
Crafting Materials: 2 Organic, 2 Mineral
Description: A canister of compressed incapacitant foam. Refills the GLOO Cannon.

The office is probably the most important part of the Lobby. The main quest will lead you into it fairly early on. The keycode for the door is 0451. There is a wall safe inside this room, in the southwestern corner. Search it.

Wrench Fabrication Plan

Station Map: Talos I Lobby
Location: Your Office
Crafting Materials: 2 Mineral

In the same room as the previous one. Search for it in eastern part of the room, just south from the recycler, on a table under a magnifying glass.

Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan

Station Map: Talos I Lobby
Location: Teleconferencing Center
Crafting Materials: 3 Minerals, 1 Synthetic
Description: A box of 9mm bullets

The Teleconferencing Center is on the third floor, in the western part of the Main Lobby. Once the game takes you into your office (the one you need the keycode 0451 to enter), go to your desk and grab the Teleconferencing Center Keycard. As soon as you enter this area, you’ll find a dead person called Elias Black on the ground. Search him for the plan.

Shotgun Shells Crafting Recipe

Station Map: Talos I Lobby
Location: Security Station
Crafting Materials: 3 Minerals, 2 Synthetic
Description: A case of high-velocity 12-gauge shotgun shells

The Security Station is in the southwest corner of level 1 of the Talos I Lobby. The easiest way to enter this room is to find and enter a small tunnel just behind the Security Station. It is close to the stairs that lead to the upper floors. Look up at the start of this tunnel, there will be some large pipes. Jump on them, and just follow them. They lead straight into the Security Station.

The shotgun shells crafting recipe is found inside the safe. The correct number needed to unlock it is hidden on a nearby desk. It is written in the book called “The Orit”. If you enter the code 0526 the safe should open, but it might be different for some players.

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