Prey Keycode Locations - Keypad Combination List

Keycodes are keypad combinations in Prey. They’re used to open doors and safes with numeric locks, and there are a lot of them on Talos 1. You can find keycodes written down on pieces of paper, in email exchanges between characters, etc. Sometimes you’ll miss a clue and fail to find a keycode for a door you really want to open. That’s why we’re making this guide, in which we’ll list all Prey keycode locations.

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prey keycode locations keypad combinations
Prey keycode locations

Prey Keycards Locations

Holding Room Keycode

Code: 1129
Where to find: In the office of Sarah Elazar, in the security station in the Main Lobby, next to the entrance to Shuttle Bay. The keycode is written on a note next to her computer. You’ll need the Huntress Boltcaster in order to enter – get it from an empty office next to Yuri Kimura’s cubicle in the Sales Division (Main Lobby, Level 3). Once you have it, go to the entrance to Shuttle Bay. Stand on a cardboard box and look through the small opening in the security station window. Shoot the button with the boltcaster, and it will open the door. Go around and inside, and you’ll get to Sarah’s office in no time.
Where to use: The entrance to the holding room is right there in Sarah’s office.
Rewards: Suit Repair Kit x1

Security Station Safe Combination

Code: 0526
Where to find: In the green book on the desk of Sarah Elazar, in the Security Station (level 1 of the Main Lobby). The book is called The Orit, and it has a highlighted paragraph called Judges 5:26.
Where to use: The safe behind the desk where you found the keycode.
Rewards: Shotgun shells fabrication plan, recycler charge, nullwave transmitter, EMP charge

Quarantine Keycode

Code: 6474
Where to find: On the computer of Mathias Kohl, in the Trauma Center in the Main Lobby. Read the Quarantine Subject email and you’ll find the code.
Where to use: North from where you found the code, in the quarantine room that’s part of the Trauma Center.
Rewards: Another keycode

Dr. Devries Safe Keycode

Code: 7342
Where to find: Etched into a wall in the quarantine, in the Trauma Center (Main Lobby area). It won’t be entered into your log, so you’ll have to write it down.
Where to use: In the office of Henrik Devries, also in the Trauma Center. There’s a safe behind the desk, but you’ll need a keycard or the ability to morph in order to enter the room.
Rewards: Psi Hypo x3, Neuromod x3

Morgan Yu’s Office Keypad Combination

Code: 0451
Where to find: In the inbox of Morgan’s assistant, right in front of his office. The password is on the post-it note on the screen.
Where to use: Morgan’s office.
Rewards: Story progress, several Neuromods, etc.

Pilot Lounge Keycode

Code: 3884
Where to find: In the Staff Lounge on level 2 of the Main Lobby. You’ll find it behind the bar, on a Transcribe next to the body of Octavia Figgs. When you play the recording, the combination will be added to your log.
Where to use: ???
Rewards: ???

Volunteer Quarters Keycode

Code: 5854
Where to find: In the Executive Offices, on level 3 of the Main Lobby. The code is on Bianca Goodwin’s computer, in the westernmost office.
Where to use: ???
Rewards: ???

Debriefing Safe Keypad Combination

Code: 5150
Where to find: After you play the video in Morgan’s office, approach the screen and look at the whiteboard on the left. You’ll find the code written in red marker, in the lower left corner of the board.
Where to use: The safe in the debriefing room, accessible if you break the glass in your apartment, go through and turn right. You’ll find the whiteboard from the video in the room, but the code will be smudged.
Rewards: Hypo Psi fabrication plan, Hypo Psi x3, exotic material x600, [O] ESP Targeting 163xf scope chip

Director Thorstein’s Safe Combination

Code: 9954
Where to find: Once you’ve made it to Thorstein’s office, you’ll see a safe in there. On the side of the safe is a note with a clue for the combination: “Es + Xe”. Obviously, it alludes to Einsteinium and Xenon and their atomic number. In case your Chemistry isn’t up to snuff, you have the Periodic System on the wall nearby.
Where to use: Enter the code into the safe that you’ve found the clue on. It’s in Thorstein’s office, on the second level of the Hardware Labs, in the southeast corner.
Rewards: Hypo Psi x2, 9mm Bullets x7, Recycler Charge x2

Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode Location

Code: 4774
Where to find: The code is on the Small Scale Testing workstation computer, located just outside the Atrium to the east, on the second level of the Hardware Labs. Once you find the password for the workstation, check the email titled “If you need supplies”.
Where to use: The storage room in the southwestern corner of the machine shop, in Hardware Labs.
Rewards: Neuromod x2, weapon upgrade kit, GLOO canisters

Alex’s Office Safe Keycode

Code: 4194
Where to find: In the Neuromod Division, on the wreckage of the December operator, during the Who is December main story objective.
Where to use: In Alex Yu’s office, on level 4 of the Arboretum. The safe is in a secret place, accessible through a maintenance hatch near the desk.
Rewards: Chipset, Alex’s suite keycard, nullwave transmitter, neuromod x2

Maintenance Tunnel Keycode

Code: 7764
Where to find: On the corpse of Kimberly Bomo, in the transitional level of GUTS. It’s written on a note.
Where to use: It unlocks the maintenante tunnel door further up the road in GUTS.
Rewards: Passage

Magnetosphere Control Room Safe Keycode

Code: 0901
Where to find: In a toilet in the magnetosphere control room, on the research level of GUTS. It’s written on a note hidden behind some toilet paper, on the top shelf next to the toilet bowl.
Where to use: Used to unlock the safe below the stairs in the magnetosphere control room.
Rewards: Weapon upgrade kit, recycler charge x2, spare parts x5

Storage AR01 Keycode

Code: 2926
Where to find: You can get it from Rani Chaudhary in the Arboretum, during the Save Rani quest.
Where to use: A weapons locker in the northeastern part of the Arboretum, on level 3.
Rewards: Weapon upgrade kit, shotgun

On the next page, you’ll find the locations of the following keypad combinations:

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  • (more coming soon)

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