Prey Weapon Kit Locations - Where to find upgrade parts

Weapon kits allow you to upgrade your weapons in Prey. To use a kit, you’ll need to select the weapon you wish to upgrade in your inventory and press the specific upgrade button. The first upgrade for every weapon is available at the start, but for the advanced ones, you’ll need to invest neuromods into specific gunsmith or lab tech abilities. This guide will show you Prey weapon kit locations, to help you enhance your guns.

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Prey Weapon Upgrade Kits Location
Prey weapon kits

The range of upgrades goes from increased firepower and ammo capacity, to better incapacitation rate, handling, range, reload speed or lower recoil. Everything you see in the inventory description of the weapon can be upgraded. For example, the shotgun’s firepower goes from 40 to 44 in the first upgrade. The only two weapons you can’t upgrade are the Wrench and Huntress Boltcaster.

Where to find weapon upgrade kits in Prey

Area: Talos I Lobby
Location: Your Office

The office we are after is on the third floor of the Talos I Lobby. This is where the main quest leads, and where the Recycler and Fabricator units are located. The kit is in the wall safe behind the bookshelf, just next to the table.

Area: Talos I Lobby
Location: Security Station

The Security Station is on the first floor of Talos I Lobby. Since its main door is locked, take a look up. There is a large yellow pipe there. Jump on it and follow it. It leads into the Security Station. The weapon upgrade kit is in the room with the many monitors, on the edge of the table, just under a sign that says “Sarah Elazar – chief of security”. If you are not really into breaching the Security Station, you can step on the counter outside the station and crouch. You can grab the kit through the small opening.

Area: Talos I Lobby
Location: Psychotronics

This area is located in the northeastern part of Talos I Lobby, on level 1. To open the door, break the glass near the monitor and press the button. In this room, you’ll find a safe. To open it, you’ll need the Hacking II ability unlocked, which will cost five neuromods in total. Don’t worry about the neuromods – beside the weapon upgrade kit, you’ll also find four of them in the safe.

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