Prey Keycards Locations - Where to Find

Keycards are often necessary for unlocking doors in Prey. You’ll use them on all manners of doors that are electronically locked, as you’d expect. Without them, it’ll be much harder to access some areas, such as the Simulation Lab, Morgan Yu’s suite, and so on. In this guide, we’ll show you Prey Keycard locations to help you unlock doors on Talos I.

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Prey Keycards Locations - Where to Find & How to Unlock Doors
Prey Keycards Locations – Where to Find & How to Unlock Doors

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll be adding more keycard locations as we find them.

Prey Morgue Keycard

The morgue is located on level 1 of the Psychotronics area, in the western part of the map. A section of it is locked, and funnily enough, the keycard is inside it. You don’t really need it, though, as there are other ways to get in. You could break one of the barred windows on the side of the room, then use the boltcaster to shoot the override button by the door. When you get in, you’ll find the keycard on the table.

Where to Find Simulation Lab Keycard

As you’re trying to escape the Simulation Lab into the Lobby, you’ll run into a locked door. This is the first time you’ll meet with keycards in Prey. Fortunately, the keycard is nearby. Turn back and you’ll see an exotic plant with pink flowers in a glass display case on your left. Right next to it is the office of Dr. Sylvain Bellamy. The Simulation Lab keycard is on the desk, left of the computer screen. watch out for eh Mimic that will try to ambush you from behind.

Trauma Center Keycard Location

The keycard for the trauma center/med bay is located in the main lobby. You’ll find it on Level 1, right in the middle of the lobby. It’s on the counter across the hall from the shuttle bay entrance. You can let the turret take care of any enemies you encounter here – it’s in the corner near the counter. If you’re attacked, you can simply run behind the turret.

Prey Morgan Yu’s Suite Keycard – Where to Get

You can find this keycard in Morgan Yu’s office. Go up the stairs that are between the Security corridor and Transtar Exhibit. Go all the way up the stairs (mind the Mimics) and go right. On the left, at the end of the short corridor, is your office. You can’t miss it, the name is above the door in huge letters. However, the door to your office is password-protected. Go to the computer on the right of the door and check the sticky note in the upper left corner to find out the computer password. Then, go to the emails and you’ll find out the pass code for the door. Go inside and check the small area on the left. Check the table in there, and you’ll find the Morgan Yu Suite keycard among some crafting materials and other knickknacks.

Teleconferencing Center Keycard Location

This keycard is also located in Morgan Yu’s office. This one isn’t that hard to find, and you won’t have to look far for it, since the Teleconferencing center is across from the hallway where your office is. From the Teleconferencing Center door, head to the doorway towards your office. In case you haven’t unlocked it yet, check the previous entry to find out how to do it. Enter your office and head to the desk. The Teleconferencing keycard is lying next to the computer screen.

How to get Prey Maintenance Tunnel Keycard

Maintenance Tunnel Keycard – You’ll need this keycard to get to the Arboretum. Go right from the corpse of Ramon Ridley, past the Engineering Droid. Proceed into the Magnetosphere Control Room. Head right through the door and up the stairs. Clear out the Cystoid nests in the next room. There’s a doorway into the Magnetosphere chamber on the left. Wait for a shockwave to pass, then head on inside. Go over to the body of Anders Kline and pick up the Maintenance Tunnel keycard, then get the hell out of there.

Prey Crew Quarters Keycard Location

Crew Quarters Keycard – This one is fairly simple to find. Once in the Arboretum, head towards the Deep Storage elevator. Just follow where the marker leads you. There will be some Etheric Phantoms waiting in front of the elevator, so be careful. Head down to Deep Storage, and you’ll find the corpse of Zacahry West. Pick up the Crew Quarters keycard off him.

Employee Entrance Keycard – Where to Find

Head over to the Demonstration Stage, on the first level of the Hardware Labs. Among the seats, you’ll find the corpse of Sean Larsen. Search him, and you’ll pick up the Employee Entrance Keycard. Don’t forget to collect the other stuff he’s got on him.

Prey Ballistics Lab Keycard Location

The Ballistics Lab is located on the first floor of the Hardware Lab section. It’s in the northern part of the area. Fortunately, the keycard that opens it isn’t far away. Go to a little further down the hall from the lab door, and you’ll find the corpse of Aime Schmidt. The Ballistics Lab keycard is on her.

How to Get Dr. Calvino’s Workshop Keycard

This one will require a little more work. You’ll come across this keycard during the Through The Glass Darkly objective. To get the item, you’ll have to reach Dr. Calvino’s body. First off, head into the Machine Shop and locate the Hardware Labs hatch. Unlock it and exit to the Talos I exterior. Above you and to the right, you’ll see a smashed window that you can squeeze through. Go inside, and you’ll see poor Dr. Calvino floating in the top left corner.

Lorenzo Calvino’s Cabin Keycard Location

Calvino’s Cabin keycard is well-hidden. Your first step will be to head into Calvino’s workshop. Check the above entry for how to unlock it. Once inside, take care of the enemies and reactivate the one looking glass that’s still whole. Watch the video, and you’ll find out that Dr. Calvino had some kind of secret stash. To open it, check the northern part of the workshop and pick up Dr. Calvino’s Tumbler. Pick it up and place it on the scales on the table left of the working looking glass. This will open the secret safe with Lorenzo Calvino’s Cabin keycard and a couple of neuromods.

Prey General Access Keycard

The General Access keycard is fairly easy to get as the story progresses. After you bring the looking glass system back online, head back to the Lobby and into your office. Watch the rest of the video you left for yourself. That will bring January out of “hiding”, and it will leave the General Access keycard on your desk. You now have access to the main lift and all the labs.

Hans Kelstrup’s Cabin Keycard

The Cabin keycard, along with the Kelstrup Office keycard, is on his dead body. You’ll find out about him after you’ve made your way back to the Atrium on the first floor of Psychotronics. Alex will talk to you and give you the combination for Kelstrup’s safe. The office is directly to the left of where the lift drops you off. To go inside, simply climb through the window. Check the body on the floor to get Hans Kelstrup’s Cabin keycard.

Sylvain Bellamy’s Room Keycard Location – The Corpse Vanishes

Go into the Morgue, which is on Level 1 of the Psychotronics division. Go to the room on the far east side of the Morgue section. You’ll find that it’s locked, but it has plenty of windows. Crack one open and use the Huntress Bowcaster to hit the button and open the door. Head inside and search the body of Sylvain Bellamy to get the keycard.

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