Prey Morgan Male / Female Differences - Advantages to playing each

You can choose whether to play as the male or female version of Morgan Yu in Prey. This changes some things in the game, and players are wondering about the advantages to playing each. You make your choice before you start playing, and it is final – you can’t change it during the game. It’s useful to know what you’re getting into beforehand, so we’ve prepared this guide, in which we’ll show you Prey Morgan male / female differences.

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prey morgan male female differences
Prey Morgan male/female differences

Advantages to playing male or female Morgan

First of all, there are no functional differences between the two. Nothing will change in the way other characters treat you, you won’t get any additional skills, abilities or powers available, you won’t be locked out of anything. It’s exactly the same. You’re playing as Morgan Yu either way, so you won’t get to customize the look of the character. And you can’t see the player character most of the time, so it’s mostly a psychological choice.

However, there are some small aesthetic differences – stuff around Morgan’s appartment will change depending on which gender you choose. For instance, if you choose the female Morgan, you’ll find a purse on the counter. The shoes by the door will also be a women’s model. The Morgan family photo on the shelf by the window will reflect your choice as well.

And that’s about it. There might be other small stuff in the apartment that we’ve overlooked – things like bathroom supplies, clothing and such – but in the end, there is no substantial difference. You can choose whichever gender you like, safe in the knowledge you’re not missing out on anything. Except for that swanky leather purse, if you choose guy Yu. We should petition Arkane to throw in an equally stylish man-purse as free DLC.

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