Prey Scope Chipset Locations - Where to find Psychoscope Upgrades

Scope chipsets are helmet upgrades in Prey. They can be installed into your psychoscope, which improves its function. They can increase your perception, let you track hidden mimics, increase your damage to marked enemies and more. There are eight slots on the helmet, but you’ll probably have to work really hard to unlock them all. The chips are usually well hidden, but don’t worry. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Prey scope chipset locations, to help you upgrade your psychoscope.

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prey scope chipset locations
Prey scope chipset locations
Most chipsets are randomized in every playthrough, so we won’t be listing the names. Since the locations are hardcoded, we’re going to list only where we found each scope chipset. We can’t guarantee you’ll find the same exact upgrades we did, but we can guarantee the places are correct. This doesn’t apply to several story-related chipsets, which are always in the same spot, but you’ll get them as part of your main quest, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Where to find scope chipsets in Prey

Station area: Psychotronics
Location: Security station

When you go to the clean room preparation chamber, you’ll see a large hole in the ground. Jump down, fight a bunch of mimics, and follow the corridor. You’ll find the body of Janos Jozsef soon enough. You’ll get the psychoscope off it, as well as the chipset. This one will allow you to detect hidden mimics.

Station area: Neuromod Division
Location: Debriefing room

This one is in the safe in the debriefing room. To get there, you’ll have to break the balcony window in Morgan’s room, go through the hole and turn right. The keycode is obtained by watching the video in Morgan’s office (it’s 5150). You can grab this chipset even before you get the helmet, buy you obviously can’t use it.

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