Prey Suit Chipsets Locations - How to Upgrade Armor

Suit chipsets are armor modifications in Prey. They are extremely well hidden, hard to reach and very powerful upgrades for your suit. Once installed, they can help you regenerate stamina more quickly, return received damage and more. At the start, you can install only two chipsets, but with the suit modification skill from the Engineer tree, you can increase this number to eight in total, for a price of 13 neuromods. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Prey suit chipset locations, to help you upgrade your armor.

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Prey Suit Chipsets Location
Prey Suit Chipsets

Where to find suit chipsets in Prey

Station Map: Neuromod Division
Location: Simulation Lab

This one is obtainable fairly early on. After your second awakening, you’ll need to use the wrench to enter a secret room – Simulation Lab. If you find it by destroying the “balcony glass”, go to your right. There is a small room there, with what appears to be a neuromod chair. Jump and climb on top of the large blue device next to the chair. Read a note and loot the contents of the briefcase.

Station Map: Talos I Lobby
Location: Human Resources

To find this area, head to the southeastern part of the second floor of Talos I Lobby. There you can spot the entrance to Human Resources. Unfortunately it is blocked by some heavy stuff. To move it, we’ll need to spend 11 Neuromods in the first Engineer skill line, called Leverage, and buy Leverage III. This will help us move the elements blocking the entrance. There is also another Human Resources entrance, found on the other side of it. You’ve passed it when you went through the Neuromod Division the first time.

While inside the Human Resources area, head to the room with the running computer screen with 3 emails. The suit chipset is on the same desk, next to the red chair.

Station Map: Talos I Lobby
Location: IT Security

The IT Security front door is on the southeastern side of Talos I Lobby, on the second floor. In order to breach through the entrance, you’ll need the Hacking I Scientist neuromod unlocked. Hack the panel and go inside. Within this area, there is one smaller room, with the “The Owl” movie poster on the wall. Loot the contents of the wall cabinet just next to it.

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