Prey Weapon Locations - Stun Gun, Boltcaster, Shotgun, Gloo Cannon, Q-Beam

Weapons will be your basic tools in Prey. You’ll have to fight against an onslaught of Typhon, alone on a vast space station. Since ammo can be scarce, especially on higher difficulty settings, the sooner you expand your arsenal, the better. Some of the weapons can be found in multiple places, while others are so well hidden you might miss them. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Prey weapon locations.

Prey Weapons Locations
Prey weapon locations


Damage10-20Melee Weapon
Material Yield1 Mineral
Dismantle Results1 Spare Part

Area: Starting Apartment
Description: Hephaestus “Heffy” Twist and Loop Handle Industrial Wrench. A Flexibe and indispensable tool for various engineering jobs. Also an effective improvised bludgeon. All wrench attacks will drain your stamina.

Next to Patricia Varma’s body, in the hallway outside of your apartment. It’s the first weapon you can get your hands on in Prey.

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Note: There is a Wrench fabrication plan you can acquire early on in the game. There are also wrench-specific neuromods. You can decrease the stamina cost of its attack by 25%, increase damage by 50%, and have a 25% chance to do bonus damage. These neuromods are found in the engineer tree.

Disruption Stun Gun

Power4s6 Upgrades available
Range7.5m3 Upgrades available
Shots44 Upgrades available
Recharge Rate1.5s5 Upgrades available
Material Yield0.25 Mineral
0.35 Synthetics
Dismantle Results1 Spare Part
UpgradesGunsmith ability required for advanced modification

Area: Starting Apartment
Description: A hand-held electroshock weapon developed by Throne Tactical. The Disruptor immobilizes security threats by delivering a short range electric current which is able to knock out human targets and temporarily disable organic enemies. Robotic enemies are damaged and temporarily disrupted.

At the start of the game, you’ll need to leave your apartment. Break the balcony window and head to the nearest room to your right. Jump on the large blue device on the left and loot the contents of the briefcase.

Additional Location: As soon as you pick up your first GLOO Cannon (Neuromod Division), take a step back and enter the elevator shaft. Create platforms using the GLOO Cannon and climb to the second floor. Continue forward until you find a dead body on the ground to your left. Be sure to loot the 500 Disruptor Batteries as well.

GLOO Cannon

Incapacitation Rate100%4 Upgrades Available
Handling33%3 Upgrades Available
Range9m5 Upgrades Available
Reload Speed100%3 Upgrades Available
Material Yield0.75 Mineral
0.75 Synthetics
Dismantle Results3 Spare Parts
UpgradesLab Tech ability required for advanced modification

Area: Neuromod Division
Description: The Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor fires a quickly stabilizing stream of incapacitant foam that can block or subdue targets.

It is extremely hard to miss this one. It is found fairly early, on the ground, next to the dead body of Veer Singh. Once you collect it and enter the next large room, a whole bunch of mimics will show up running to the other side of the room.

Additional Location: Next to a dead body in the restroom, in the southeastern area of Talos I Lobby. GLOO foam blocks the entrance to this room. You’ll have to destroy it in order to enter the bathroom.


Firepower405 Upgrades Available
Recoil100%3 Upgrades Available
Ammo capacity44 Upgrades Available
Reload Speed100%3 Upgrades Available
Material Yield1 Mineral
0.25 Synthetics
Dismantle Result2 Spare Parts
UpgradesGunsmith ability required for advanced modification

Area: Talos I Lobby, Security Office
Description: Throne S4 Tactical Pump Shotgun is designed to be used by security forces for maximum efficacy in close quarters.

The first shotgun is found in the security station on the first floor of Talos I Lobby. Find the tunnel behind the station and jump on the pipes to reveal a hidden entrance. The shotgun is on the desk of Sarah Elazar in the main Security Station room.

Silenced Pistol

Firepower122 Upgrades available
Magazine capacity154 Upgrades available
Range12m4 Upgrades available
Accuracy60%Upgrades available
Material Yield0.50 Mineral
0.15 Synthetics
Dismantle Results1 Spare Part
UpgradesGunsmith ability required for advanced modification

Area: Talos I Lobby, Teleconferencing Center
Description: Throne PPN light duty pistol fires 9mm rounds and features an integrated noise suppressor.

To find the Silenced Pistol, go to the Teleconferencing Center, in the western part of the third floor of Talos I Lobby. If you enter this area from the stairs, look to your right. It’s on the ground, close to the dead body of Elias Black. Loot the body for additional ammo.

Huntress Boltcaster

Area: Talos I Lobby, Sales Division
Description: Harke, traveller! Thine olde enemie, the knave, stands no chance against thee now! For thou hast the trusty Huntress at thine side! Yea, verily, any who wouldst challenge thee shall be slain in hasty fashion, when the Huntress lets fly her FlexiFoam bolts with truest aim! Go forth, intrepid hero! (feedback/problems email mmalinaro@transtar.talos).

The Sales Division is found in the east of Talos I Lobby, on level 3. There are some elements blocking the entrance. The easiest way to move them is to invest neuromods into leverage III. Once inside Sales Division, go to the northeastern part. The weapon is on the floor, close to the office desk.

The Boltcaster is mainly used for opening doors. All you need is ammo and a clear line of sight toward the door’s manual override switch.


Power50 kW5 Upgrades available
Handling15%3 Upgrades available
Firing Time5 seconds4 Upgrades available
Reload Speed100%2 Upgrades available
Material Yield1.50 Mineral
1.00 Synthetics
Dismantle Resultsx3 Spare Parts
UpgradesLab Tech ability required for advanced modification

Area:Hardware Labs, Beams and Waves Lab
Description: The TS-QPB-S11 Quasiparticle Beam is a prototype directed energy weapon. A stream of volatile quasiparticles causes rapidly cascading excitations in energetic systems of matter to the point of rupture.

The Q Beam is a crazy powerful weapon to be used sparingly. You can find it in the Beams and Waves Lab, during the Breach Access side quest. The lab is located in the Hardware Labs area, on Level 2, north of the Atrium (to the right of the statue). Once inside the lab, take the door on the right and look right. You’ll see a computer screen with Q-Beam controls. Use it to fry the Typhon inside, then unlock the Q-Beam Firing Range. Go inside and pick up your new weapon.

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