Prey Talos Smuggling Ring Side Quest - Black Market Achievement

Talos Smuggling Ring is a side quest in Prey. It involves finding six smuggler’s dead drops aboard the station. They’re not hard to find once you know what you look for, but they’re easy to miss in the heat of the moment. You can start this objective by listening to a TranScribe recording found by the body of Lilly Morris in the Arboretum. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find all smuggler’s dead drops, so you can finish Prey Talos Smuggling Ring side quest and unlock the Black Market trophy.

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prey talos smuggling ring black market achievement
Smuggler’s dead drop locations – Talos Smuggling Ring side quest
Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with more locations as we get farther into the game.

Smuggler’s dead drop locations

The dead drops are hidden behind fire alarms. When you see a fire alarm with the red light above it, hit it three times to reveal the safe. The first one is right above Lilly Morris’ body, so that leaves you with five more to find. In case you haven’t discovered them already, you’ll have to backtrack a little.

Two of them are hidden in the Main Lobby. The first one is in the TranStar Exhibit, on the northern wall. You’ll have to beat a Phantom to open it, but there are some explosive canisters in the room to help you with that. The other one can be found in a corridor behind Employee Orientation, in the eastern side of the lobby, near the restrooms.

There’s one in the Hardware Labs, on the second floor. It’s on the wall by the walkway in the atrium, right next to the golden statue. It’s a bit high up, so you’ll probably have to jump – swing your wrench before you jump, so that the hit lands right when you reach the high point.