Prey Starbender Cycle Book Locations - Prism Master Achievement

Starbender Cycle is a series of books in Prey. There are six of them, and reading them all will unlock the Prism Master achievement. They’re scattered across the ship, and they’re all really well hidden, so you’ll have to work hard to find them. There are several copies of almost all of them, so that each kind of player can get them, regardless of their play style. This guide will show you Prey Starbender Cycle book locations, to help you get the trophy.

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prey starbender cycle book locations prism master achievement
Starbender Cycle book locations in Prey

Book 1: The Darkstar Anomaly

We found the first book in a hiding place in the Hardware Labs. Go to the upper floor of the atrium. Stand in front of the GravShaft (fancy elevator), and use your GLOO cannon to climb on top of it. Look to your left, and you’ll see a maintenance access hatch. Open it and get into the crawlspace. Inside, you’ll find the book, a few cans of drink and a chipset. Somebody made a cozy getaway here.

Book 2: My Enemy’s Enemy’s Enemy

A copy of the second book can also be found in the Hardware Labs. It’s in the northwestern corner of the machine shop, on level 1. There’s a cage there, with a recycler on top of it. The cage has an opening next to the window, but it’s blocked by some large crates. If you don’t have Leverage 3, you can move them by using a recycler charge, or one of the nearby explosive canisters. Once you’re inside, beware of the corrupt robot. You’ll find the book on a table next to a comfy red chair.

Book 3: Spatial Delivery

starbender book 3 location prey

The third book can be found in the dressing room near the showers in Psychotronics, on level 1. It’s in a locker/shelf in the western section. You can literally just walk in and grab it, no powers needed, and no effort either.

Book 4: Backstabbed in the Face

prey starbender cycle book  4 location

Like the previous one, this one’s a walk in the park. Only this time, it’s a literal walk in the park. You can grab the copy from the third level or the Arboretum. It’s on the John F. Kennedy memorial bench, in the northwestern park of the park.

Book 5: Crown of Tumbleweed

This one’s a bit tricky. You’ll need to leave the station to get the copy we found – it’s in outer space. On the upside, you don’t have to have any particular skills to get it. Leave using the Arboretum airlock, and look for a derelict shuttle floating past the golden rings. It should be some 200-250 metres from the station. There’s a busted door on its right side – use it to enter. Turn left once you’re in, and you’ll see the book floating next to a couple of corpses.

Book 6: Darkstar Rising

This is the end of our journey, the last book in the series. As far as we know, there’s only one copy of it, and it’s in Alex Yu’s room. Get to the executive suites on level 3 of the Crew Quarters. His room is number 303, at the end of the hallway, on the eastern side. You’ll need a keycard from Alex’s office safe, in the Arboretum. Once you’re in, turn right and you’ll see the book on a bench.