Rage 2 Grav-Dart Launcher Location - How to Get

Grav-Dart Launcher in Rage 2 is one of several weapons you can find in the game. It allows you to manipulate gravity in order to smash things into enemies, or vice versa. The Rage 2 Grav-Dart Launcher is a pretty fun weapon, and I’d imagine some of you are wondering where to find it. In case you’re having trouble locating the weapon, our Rage 2 Grav-Dart Launcher Location – How to Get guide will show you exactly where to find the Grav-Dart Launcher in Rage 2, as well as which Ark it can be found in.

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Rage 2 Grav-Dart Launcher Location - How to Get
Rage 2 Grav-Dart Launcher Location – How to Get

Where to Find Grav-Dart Launcher in Rage 2?

To find the Grav-Dart Launcher in Rage 2, you’re going to have to go to the north of the map; to the area called The Wilds. In the southwest of the region, you’ll find the Needle Falls Ark, aka Ark 421c. As you approach the location, you’ll be going down a dirt road, leading to a ruined city. It’s basically a whole bunch of buildings jutting out at weird angles. That’s not where we want to go, though. Instead, head to the south.

You’ll come across a huge chunk of what I assume used to be a street, forming a kind of mesa or upside down pyramid sticking out into the sky. In the center of it is a circular opening, which, if the street hypothesis is true, is a remainder of a sewer pipe. Climb up there, and you’ll be within view of the Ark. There will be enemies there, so don’t just come in a-waltzing in all carefree. Once you clear the place out, approach the Ark and use the Focus to open it. Grab the Grav-Dart launcher, and go through the tutorial.

The Grav-Dart Gun is but one of a whole host of weapons you can discover in Rage 2. For more information on them, check out our Rage 2 All Weapon Locations guide, or one of the guides for individual weapons, like Rage 2 Firestorm Revolver Location – How to Get or Rage 2 BFG 9000 Location – How to Get Doom Gun.

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