Resident Evil 7 Treasure Photo Locations - Where to find secret stashes

Treasure photos are pictures hidden around the map in Resident Evil 7. Each one leads to a secret stash filled with goodies. And they’re not useless things like ammo or herbs – the first one we found gave us a max health boost. They’re easy to miss, and even when you have them, finding the spot they point to won’t be easy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Resident Evil 7 treasure photo locations, where to find each stash, which rewards to expect.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’re going to be adding new locations as soon as we’ve discovered them.

Fireplace Treasure Photo

This photo can be obtained in the basement of the main house, where you fight Jack the second time. It’s in the processing area, west of the incinerator room. It’s on a shelf near the meat chunk where the scorpion key was stuck.

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Once you’ve got it, go back to the first floor. Go to the main hall, and enter the secret passage behind the eagle painting. Once you’re in the drawing room, you’ll find a blue rock fireplace. Examine a loose rock in the upper right corner. Behind it, you’ll find some steroids that will permanently increase your health.

Toilet Treasure Photo

You can find one of the photos near the old house. As you approach the house for the direction of the trailer, go to the right entrance, the one leading upstairs. Before you start climbing, stop and turn to the left. You’ll see the photo among the vines. It shows a toilet bowl next to a cupboard with an overflowing ashtray on it.

To collect the prize from this second treasure photo, head back to the Yard. It’s inside the trailer – as soon as you enter, turn left. There, inside the toilet, you’ll find 44 MAG Ammo. We would like to thank Apollo for the additional information.

Cage Treasure Photo

At one point of the game you’ll acquire the snake key. Head to the main hall of the main house, and climb to the second floor. You can now unlock the door to the Master Bedroom. From this room, go into the storage. The photo is to your left, on the red stool.

The solution of the third treasure photo is inside the third house. The one next to the yard trailer – you’ll need two keycards to enter. Once inside, in the fourth room, there is a cage with the mannequin head with a hat on in the corner. Interact with the head to reveal the treasure that is non the less the Repair Kit.

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  1. A

    Hey ! I just found the second one, from the cigarettes and toilet photo. It is simply in the trailer, in front of the save tape recorder !

  2. B

    Playing through RE 7 right now and it’s good to note that The steroids behind the fireplace will also boost you to full health, no first aid needed.

    1. M

      The steroids actually permanently invreases your max health.

  3. C

    Yes he knows it permanently increases your health but there is no need to use it right when you get it unless your about to keel over and die since it also gives you full health.

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