Whisper AC Valhalla Clues Location

AC Valhalla Whisper clues, once you get them all, reveal the true identity of the Order member that you’ll have to assassinate. The game gives you certain hints as to where to find the Whisper clues, but you might still get stumped. This is pretty true in this case, since both clues are low-key misleading and might cause some confusion. That’s why we’ve put together our Whisper AC Valhalla Clues Location guide to help you out.

whisper ac valhalla clues location
Whisper AC Valhalla Clues Location

Where to Find AC Valhalla Whisper Clues

To find the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Whisper clues locations, the first place to visit is Boyne Tombs. The game tells you to investigate it, calling the tomb “a forested hill west of Rathdown Trade Post in northern Meath.” Calling it “forested” is a bit of a misnomer in my opinion, but oh well. Anyways, once you get to Boyne Tombs (location provided below), your gaming instincts might lead you to go inside the cave. However, the clue is actually on top of the hill. Clear out the camp and look for the small note on top of a bunch of crates. It’s very easy to overlook, so explore the place carefully.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Whisper Clue Locations

The second AC Valhalla Whisper clues location is on a ritual stone west of the harbor found south of Kells Abbey. The clue says to “investigate the stone ritual circle near the small harbor along the Boyne River,” but they don’t tell you where the ritual circle is. Well, like we’ve said, it’s to the west of the anchor icon. You’re looking for a small sacrificial stone next to a lit torch. The clue is on top of the stone, but there’s also a chest next to the stone, so be sure to loot it.

assassins creed valhalla whisper clues
The second clue is on top of the ritual stone

Once you have these two clues, the true identity of The Whisper will be revealed. Just mark their location on the map through the Order menu, and go and find them in the marshes. Try to catch them by surprise if you can; if not, it’s fine, the fight is not too difficult, if it comes to that.

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