Juicy Game Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village juicy game is an ingredient necessary for increasing your health via the Duke’s Kitchen recipe. You can acquire this item, and learn the recipe, when you reach the village for the second time, right after the castle. There is only one juicy game meat you can get, and it is a key part of the Tochitura de Pui recipe. In our Resident Evil 8 Juicy Game guide, you’ll find out where to find this meat.

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Juicy Game Resident Evil Village
Juicy Game Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Juicy Game Location

Juicy game in Resident Evil Village is meat you can find in the village, in the northwest of the Graveyard. However, you can’t reach it until you finish the castle. That will be the second time (but not the last) you’ll find yourself in the village. At this point, you won’t know you need the Juicy Game, but you can still acquire it. The Tochitura de Pui recipe, which requires the meat, unlocks after you “find the house with the red chimney”. Once you are done with that objective, the game will tell you to return to the Duke. Once you do, among other things, Duke’s Kitchen feature becomes available. That’s where the Resident Evil 8 Juicy Game comes in.

So, in the northwestern part of the Graveyard in the village, find a tall tree, and look for a blue bird on one of its branches. Shoot it down and loot it to get the Juicy Game. It is worth 7,200 Lei, but if you don’t have the recipe, hold the item until you do.

You need one Resident Evil 8 Juicy Game meat for the Tochitura de Pui recipe, along with some other ingredients. This recipe will permanently and greatly increase your health through the rest of your playthrough. It is the second recipe that does it, along with the Herbed Fish that only slightly increases your health.

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