Resident Evil Village Necklace With Two Holes

Necklace With Two Holes in Resident Evil Village is an item you can pick up and has its further uses. It is an ornate necklace made of pure gold. The game says it is a valuable you can sell, but it is also combinable with 2 more parts. You should not sell this treasure. Keep it until you find all three parts. You’ll be able to sell it for 50000 lei afterwards. That will take you a long way towards buying all necessary upgrades for you character. We’ll show you where and how to get the necklace with two holes and pigeon blood rubies needed to create Dimitrescu’s Necklace.

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Resident Evil Village Necklace With Two Holes

Necklace With Two Holes Location in Resident Evil Village

You’ll need to first collect the well wheel key item. You can’t do this until you return to the village from Castle Dimitrescu. It is found in a house that has the ladder that takes you to the house with a red chimney. This is the objective of the main story so you can follow our find the house with the red chimney guide to see how to get to it. Once you’ve got the well wheel you can extract treasures from wells scattered throughout the game. Go to the church just northeast of the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village. There’s a well behind it. Use the well wheel on it to bring up a bucket containing Resident Evil Village Necklace With Two Holes.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Location in Resident Evil 8

Pigeon Blood Ruby is well hidden and is found in the East Old Town section of the village in Resident Evil 8. You’ll need to have the four-winged unborn key you get after resolving things in house Beneviento. UPDATE (thanks to Ashe): You also need the crank that you get while exploring Moreau’s domain. This effectively means you will have the six-winged unborn key by then. Once you get that go south from the Duke’s Emporium in the village. That’s the East Old Town. You need to keep right (west) and reach the section with the poultry icon on the map. Use the crank on the door. Get those chickens for their meat and you’ll notice a ladder there. Climb it and then walk along the ledge until you see a roof beneath you that you can drop onto. There’s a treasure chest you can loot and it contains the pigeon blood ruby. That’s the first item you can combine with the Necklace With Two Holes. Use the map screenshot provided bellow for easier access.

RE8 Large Pigeon Blood Ruby Location

Large Pigeon Blood Ruby in RE8 is found all the way back in a well behind the house you first came across when you defeated the first boss in Castle Dimitrescu and exited its premises. You couldn’t operate the well without the well wheel. You also need the crank and boat key from Moreau’s zone to lower the bridges. You need to go back all the way to Castle Dimitrescu exit to get it. Take the path back towards Castle Dimitrescu until you reach a stone bridge. There are stairs at this bridge that lead down to the river. Lower the bridge with the crank. Use the boat that you find there and then row it all the way north until you can dock. You’ll need the crank to operate the draw bridge next. You’re at the house with the well. You can see the path you need to take on the map bellow.

RE8 Large Pigeon Blood Ruby Location map

Approach the well and then operate it with the well wheel. You get a ladder to descend down with. Inside the well chambers is a puzzle behind which is the treasure box containing the RE8 large pigeon blood ruby. Once you solve it you then get the last item you need to combine with Necklace with Two Holes.

Resident Evil Village Well Puzzle with Mine Carts Solution

Inside the well you’ll see the treasure chest behind iron bars. You need to climb the wooden crates to the upper level where you’ll see a switchboard. Press the two white buttons on it so they turn green. Go towards the platforms with the mine carts that just got raised. Push the leftmost mine cart. Now push the one in the middle until it falls. Drop on top of it. That way you can get over to the other side of the upper level. You’ll notice a hole in the ground that takes you behind the iron bars. Loot the treasure chest to get the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby. This is the final ingredient for Dimitrescu’s necklace. You can now combine all three parts in your inventory and go to Duke to sell it for 50k lei.

If you had trouble with the guide above you can check out our youtube video guide to finding Resident Evil Village Necklace With Two Holes and completing Dimitrescu’s Necklace.

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