Llama Locations - Como Te Llama Trophy Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Llama locations in Shadow of the Tomb Raider are necessary for the Como Te Llama achievement. In order to earn the Como Te Llama trophy in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you have to pet five llamas. So, the question now is – where to find llamas in the new Tomb Raider? Luckily, you can find all of them scattered around the Secret City area. To make things easier for you, here’s our guide on Shadow of the Tomb Raider llama locations and where to find them.

Llama Locations - Como Te Llama Trophy Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Llama Locations – Como Te Llama Trophy Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Where to Find Llama Locations in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

All llama locations in Shadow of the Tomb Raider can be found in the Secret City area (the same area where you can get the Lockpick). They are all over the place, and there are more of them than you need. We found six, and you only need five. Below, you’ll find a map of the Secret City with all six llama locations that we’ve found. Let’s go into the details, shall we?

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all llama locations shadow of the tomb raider como te llama trophy
Map of Llama Locations

We’re going to start from the northeast corner of the Secret City, near the relic there. From that vantage point, you can easily spot the llama chilling out in front of the hut. Approach it and pet it. Keep going forward (to the south) and climb up the first flight of stairs on the left. Push forward through the narrow passage, and walk down the stairs. While on the stairs going down, look to your left to find the second llama.

To find the third llama location in Secret City, head to the northern bridge, the smaller of the two. It’s to the west of the previous llama location. The llama is to the right just before you cross the bridge, you can’t miss it. The next two llamas, four and five, are really close together; that’s why we marked them with the same circle on the map. Cross the bridge and head southwest, to the first cluster of buildings you find. It’s a sort of marketplace, and both llamas are in the northeast corner, just a few feet away from each other.

At this point, you’re done with the llamas, if you’ve petted them all. The Como Te Llama trophy is yours. But, just for the giggles, let’s go for another one. The sixth llama is all the way in the south of the Secret City map. Exit the marketplace from the previous llamas, and climb the long staircase on the left. Go all the way forward, and turn right when there’s nowhere else to go. Climb up the two small staircases, and head left. There’s a pen with a llama there.

como te llama trophy where to find llama locations shadow of tomb raider
Sixth llama location

How to Get Como Te Llama Trophy in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

To get the Como te Llama trophy in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you’ll have to pet the llamas found around the Secret City. For their locations, please refer to the section above. Basically, they’re strewn all across the city, and you have to pet five of them. In our search for the llamas, we found six of them, so there are plenty to go around. Getting the Como Te Llama trophy shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes total; just take a leisurely stroll around the city. That’s why it’s a bronze trophy, I guess.

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