Sons of the Forest Kelvin Stuck Bug Solutions

Kelvin is one of the companions in Sons of the Forest, who follows you throughout this survival horror game. During this journey many players reported that Kelvin got stuck in a cave, in the water, or even died. In this guide we’ll share with you all the Sons of the Forest Kelvin stuck bug solutions.

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Sons of the Forest Kelvin stuck bug solutions
Sons of the Forest Kelvin stuck solutions

Sons of the Forest Kelvin stuck in the water – Kelvin water bug fix

Players often encounter a bug where Kelvin gets stuck in the water. Usually, this issue pops up while he’s trying to catch a fish deep in the lake or if you have a base near water. Normally, restarting the game can easily fix this bug. However, if this approach fails to work, you can resolve the issue by drowning next to Kelvin. This will prompt him to save you and allow him to get out of the water. The other solution is to go far away, and he’ll respawn next to you.

Sons of the Forest Kelvin stuck in a cave fix

The second bug is very similar to the previous one, occurs upon entering the cave, specifically the cave located in the snowy area near the spawn point. If this bug occurs early on in the game, it is advisable to start a new game and loot the north cave before activating Kelvin at the crash site. Alternatively, loading the most recent save may also help. If losing progress is not an option, one can walk away from the cave as far as possible, which should eventually cause Kelvin to respawn nearby. Additionally, trying to sleep may reload his position and fix the issue.

Kelvin accidentally died in the Sons of the Forest

Sometimes, when you send Kelvin to gather some logs, he can accidentally die. Currently, there is no command to revive him; however, we came across an quick solution on Reddit that explains how to bring Kelvin back in Sons of the Forest.

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