Gold Mask Sons of the Forest

If you don’t know how does the Gold Mask work in Sons of the Forest, we’ve got you covered. In Sons of the Forest, you can craft dozens of various items to aid you in your journey through the forest. However, some are unique and can not be crafted. Our guide explains how to use the Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest and where to find it.

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Gold Mask Sons of the Forest
What Does the Gold Maks Do in Sons of the Forest?

Where to Find Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest

So, how to get the Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest? Unlike the Red Mask, which is a craftable item via the 3D Printer, the golden version can not be found among the blueprints or on the 3D Printer. Rather, it is a unique item which can only be obtained out in the wild. And by that, we mean in one of the bunkers, of course. The Golden Mask can be found in the same underground cave where you can find the Golden Armor. However, while the golden armour is at Level 2 of the facility, for the Gold Mask, you’ll need to go all the way down to Level 5.

Unlike Level 2, Level 5 is rather simple, with a long corridor and a door leading to the morgue. Inside it, there are three autopsy tables. And the mask is placed on the face of one of the bodies there. Check out our images below so that you know the exact location.

How to Use Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest

Now, when you have the mask, you are probably wondering – what does the Gold Mask do in Sons of the Forest? While we can not confirm this yet, the mask probably has exactly the same role as the Red Mask. However, its effect of camouflage against the cannibals is most likely significantly amplified with the Gold Mask.

The Gold Masks are worn by “elite” enemy cannibals, which are harder to beat and who are higher in the hierarchy of the cannibals. Hence, wearing it signals to other cannibals your importance and that you are not someone to be messed around with.

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