Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location

Figuring out the rope gun location in Sons of the Forest is important, as it allows you to get around in areas that are otherwise impassable. Needless to say, that lets you pick up other necessary items. For example, along with the rebreather, you need the rope gun to get the shovel. Of course, actually getting the thing is pretty difficult, so let’s break it down.

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sons of the forest rope gun location
Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location

Where to Find Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

To find the rope gun location in Sons of the Forest, you are going to need to do some spelunking. I know, I’m sure you’re delighted. The cave you need to go in is west of the mountains, near the small lake from which several rivers spider out of. Check the screenshots to see where to go. Arm yourself heavily and stock up on healing items before going in; the cave is crawling with mutants. Once in the cave, stick to your left. Head across the shallow pool of water and just follow the lights. At one point, you’ll have to destroy a living blob blocking your path. If you see three corpses hanging from the ceiling and a painting on the wall on your right, you’re going in the right direction. Just keep going straight while sticking to the left as much as you can.

The next step to find the Sons of the Forest rope gun location is to follow the lights until you arrive into a cavern with a low ceiling and a small stream going down the middle. Walk on the right side of the stream and keep looking to the right until you see the light in the distance. Once again, follow the lights and keep going through the hanging corpses and mutants. Hug the left wall. The path goes slightly uphill, and as it does, keep an eye out for an opening on the left. Go inside and crouch through the small hole. Keep walking forward and sticking to the left, and let the lights guide you. Eventually, you’ll come across a light at the edge of the drop, with two cases next to it. That’s where the rope gun is.

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