How to Make Door or Gate in Sons of the Forest

If you need to know how to make a door or gate in Sons of the Forest, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to show you how to craft a regular door. The process is a little confusing, so I don’t blame you for needing help. Let’s dive straight into it.

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how to make door or gate in sons of the forest
How to Make Door or Gate in Sons of the Forest

How to Craft Door or Gate in Sons of the Forest

To make or craft a door or gate in Sons of the Forest, you first need to stack seven logs on top of each other horizontally. That’s how you would make a regular wall. Then, take out your axe and approach the center of the wall of logs. You should see a red outline. Cut the middle chunk out of six logs, all but the top one. The top needs to remain whole. Now you have a door-shaped hole. It’s now time to pick up another whole log and bring it to the hole. You should see an arrow that expands rhythmically. Click it and your character will automatically halve the log and put them in place.

The final step to make a door or gate in Sons of the Forest is to cut another log in half length-wise, and put one of the halves to complete the door. That’s all there is to it, at least for the standard entrance that’s three logs wide. There are probably ways to customize it further, as in make it wider and add a bolt and whatnot, but that’s a matter for a different guide. Mote that you cannot make the gates in defensive walls as you could in the first game; at least, you can’t at the moment. If you need more help with Sons of the Forest, check out some of our other guides. We have articles like How to Drink Water, How to Build Tent, Place Tarp & Sleep, and How to Command Kelvin and Use Companion.

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