Spider-Man PS4 Spectrograph Project Puzzle Solutions

Spectrograph Projects are puzzles in Spider-Man PS4. You can complete them at Octavius Industries, after unlocking your way to the Spectrograph. You unlock them piecemeal throughout the game, as you complete the story missions. Some of the solutions are much more difficult than others, and some of them can get pretty hard. To help you out, here’s our guide on Spectrograph Project puzzle Solutions for Spider-Man 2018.

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Spider-Man PS4 Spectrograph Project Puzzle Solutions
Spider-Man PS4 Spectrograph Project Puzzle Solutions

How to Solve Spectrograph Project Puzzles in Spider-Man PS4

To solve Spectrograph Project puzzles in the new Spider-Man PS4 exclusive, you’ll have to place the puzzle elements correctly. Basically, the game gives you the solution to a math problem, and you have to match the elements to get that solution. A bolder line in the solution means that you need two regular lines in both positions. Of course, the problems get more difficult the further you go. You know what, describing how these puzzles work is impractically difficult; you’ll get the idea immediately upon running into them.

As for when you get to unlock the Spectrogaph Project puzzles, two of them you’ll get upon using the Spectrograph for the first time in Octavius Industries; which, in turn, happens a couple of missions in. As for the other eight, they will unlock as you complete further missions. So, make sure to pop back into the lab every now and again to check out if you’ve unlocked anything. Your rewards for completing these puzzles are XP (around 3.000 total for completing all of the puzzles) and five Research Tokens, as well as taking you halfway to the A Bit of a Fixer-Upper trophy. Nothing too amazing in terms of rewards, but hey, it’s a fun little distraction.

Below, you’ll find the screenshots of all the Spectrograph Project puzzle solutions. If you need help with something else in Spider-Man, check out our other guides, including Where to Find Preorder Bonuses, How to Open Secret Doors – Wheels Within Wheels, and How to Solve Statue Puzzle Don’t Touch The Art Mission.

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