Drop Zone Mode Guide | Star Wars: Battlefront

Drop Zone is a game mode in Star Wars: Battlefront. It sees two teams of 8 fighting over drop pods in the field of battle.
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The first to capture and defend five pods wins. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to play Drop Zone in Star Wars: Battlefront.

star wars battlefront drop zone game mode

How to play Drop Zone mode

When a team claims a supply pod, they have to defend it until a bar fills up. The other team can claim it for themselves during that time, and that’s the exciting part of Drop Zone. If they successfully defend it, the pod will open up and give access to four power-ups. There’s no vehicles in this mode, and no Heroes/Villains either. Since the map is somewhat small, you won’t make a mistake if you pick close to mid range weapons.

When attacking, use grenades to take out groups of enemies. If there’s nobody near the pod, claim it, then put some distance between it and you. Never stay in the same spot for too long.

When defending, spread out and try to get to good vantage points. If you stay in a tight formation, you’re vulnerable to grenades. Keep your eyes on the radar – enemies that are running or shooting will show up as blips. If you’ve already captured another pod, use the power-ups to help – a turret can be of great assistance when defending.

Never forget to return to the pod once it has opened, to snatch the power-ups. We’ve seen blaster cannons, turrets and smart rockets drop, as well as heavy hitters like orbital strikes.

If neither team manages to capture 5 pods, the game will end after 10 minutes, and the winner will be the one with more captures.