Walker Assault Mode Guide | Star Wars: Battlefront

Walker Assault is a large-scale battle mode in Star Wars: Battlefront. It pits two groups of 20 against each other – one trying to protect the giant AT-AT walkers, the other to destroy them.
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The beta will feature a WA on Hoth, where the walkers are headed for a rebel base. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to win at Walker Assault in Star Wars: Battlefront.

star wars battlefront walker assault game mode guide

Walker Assault on Hoth

The rebel team is tasked with destroying the walkers, while the Empire needs to protect them until they reach the rebel base. It’s a battle that combines infantry clashes, vehicular combat and even Heroes & Villains. Here’s what you need to do if you want to win:
  1. Rebel:
    • Capture the uplinks. Holding them will call in Y-Wing bombers to attack the walkers, which will bring down their shields and damage them. Only then can you do damage to them.
    • Defend the captured uplinks.
    • Use the aircraft (A-Wings and X-Wings) to help on the battlefield, and damage the AT-ATs when their shields are down – infantry units won’t be able to do much damage to you.
    • If you snag the Snowspeeder power-up, you can fly up to one of the walkers and perform the towline takedown.
    • If you find the Hero power-up, do not waste it – rush the objective as Luke Skywalker.
  2. Empire:
    • Defend the uplinks, or reclaim them from the rebels. The Y-Wing bombs are the biggest threat to the walkers.
    • Getting in an AT-ST can help a lot here.
    • Jumping into a TIE Fighter will help you clear the sky of rebel aircraft and keep the infantry at bay.
    • You can even board the AT-ATs as a gunner. Their guns do lots of damage, but you’ll only get to be there for a short while.
    • Darth Vader can be a great distraction for the rebels – if you find the power-up, use it to draw attention away from the objective.
Here’s some general tips as well. These apply no matter which side you’re on:
  • Blaster Cannons work lovely when you’ve got the height advantage.
  • Don’t rush into Hero vs. Villain battles. If your opponent has grunts helping him and you don’t, your chances are slim.
  • Use power-ups all the time. There’s plenty of them to go around, and they’re a lot of help.
  • Watch the cooldowns on your abilities. Use them whenever possible.