Star Wars Battlefront Beta Details Announced

DICE and EA have released new information about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront beta. It will start on October 8th, and anyone is welcome to partake without the need to go through any kind of registration process.

star wars battlefront beta details
The beta will begin on October 8th, and end on October 12th.
It will be freely available to everyone on PS4, Xbox One and PC, without the need to register anywhere. PC users will get the chance to preload the game from Origin a day earlier. It will weigh aroud 7GB on consoles and 11GB on PC.

We’ll get the chance to play three game modes on three maps (planets):
  • Walker Assault: This mode supports up to 40 players per session, and takes place on Hoth, where one side has to destroy the AT-ATs while the other uses them to destroy their objectives.
  • Drop Zone: An 8vs8 mode that’s all about controlling territory. It’s played on Sullust.
  • Survival Mission: This is a solo (or two player) regime which pits you against waves of enemies that outnumber you. We’ll get to try it out on Tatooine.
The level cap will be at level 5, and progress won’t be carried over into the full game. We’ll have the chance to try out the Companion app as well – during the beta, it will be accessible using a browser, but it will be released on the Android and iOS closer to launch.

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