Hotfix Patch Notes | Destiny: The Taken King

Bungie have released a hotfix for Destiny: The Taken King. It fixes several problems discovered by players during the first week, but introduces a few new ones. The next update is coming in October, so we won’t have to live with the new bugs for long.

destiny taken king hotfix
Here’s the full list of fixes:
  • Three of Coins provides smaller increase in Exotic Engram drop chance when rapidly killing Ultras.
  • Golden Chest node completions no longer disappearing from Moments of Triumph.
  • Getting the Reach Level 40 quest works again.
  • High Value Targets quest rewards Legendary Marks again.
  • Year 1 strikes drop rare and uncommon gear as intended.
  • Dreadnaught chests can now be looted once per spawn.
  • Dismantling leveled up exotics has a reduced chance to grant 2 exotic shards.
Sadly, fixing these issues caused others to arise:
  • Some people are reporting various chests across the Dreadnaught aren’t awarding any loot.
  • Valus Ta’aurc doesn’t drop Engrams anymore. Any bonus rewards you may receive are still working, but the boss himself doesn’t drop engrams.

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