Tatooine Collectible Locations | Star Wars: Battlefront

There are collectibles to be found on Tatooine in Star Wars: Battlefront. They are available only during solo missions – Battle, Survival and Hero Battle.
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When you find them all (in a single mode), you’ll get another star in your rating at the end of the mission. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find collectibles on Tatooine.

Hero Battle Collectibles on Tatooine

You can grab 5 diamond emblems on Tatooine while playing the Hero Battle mod. All of them save one are in pretty expected places, especially if you’ve already tried finding some on other maps.

1tatooine hero battle collectible locationsThe first one is hidden beneath the sail barge. Slowly go down the slope, and use your jetpack to get it.
2sw battlefront collectible emblem tatooineThe second emblem is in one of the cargo containers by the rebel transport.
3battlefront hero battle tatooine collectibleYou’ll find this one on top of the rebel transport, in the rear part.
4tatooine rebel transport collectible hero battleWhen you’ve picked the previous one up, go to the front of the ship – you’ll see the next collectible in a crate.
5collectible diamond tatooine sarlacc pitThe final emblem is located above a sarlacc pit – you can see it from the front of the rebel transport.
If you’re more comfortable watching a video, click this link.

Tatooine Collectibles in Battle Mode

The battle mission on Tatooine contains five collectibles. Some of them are hidden from view, while others are hiding in plain sight.

1tatooine collectible sail bargeThe first diamond is on the sail barge near the spawning point. Climb onto the deck, and bump into it.
2diamond emblem tatooine battle modeAnother collectible emblem is next to the giant skeleton. It’s close to the middle.
3tatooine rebel transport collectibleThis one is on top of the rebel transport.
4battlefront tatooine battle mission diamondThis collectible is on the lowest part of the green tarp, on the other side of the rebel transport.
5star wars battlefront tatooine collectible location battle modeYou’ll find the last emblem under the rebel transport, next to the door on the side where the tarp is.
Here’s a video with all the locations, if that’s your thing.

Tatooine Survival Mode Collectibles

There’s five floating diamonds to be found on the survival map on Tatooine. Most of them are suspended in air – they’re very hard to spot and require good timing with the jetpack. Only one is hidden on the ground.

1sw battlefront collectibles tatooineThis one will be above your head when you spawn. Get to high ground and use your jetpack to get it.
2tatooine survival collectable battlefrontFloating above the canyon, near the huts.
3sw battlefront survival mode collectablesThis one is on the edge of the map, on the other side of the mountain from where you spawn. You can see a star destroyer in the distance.
4star wars battlefront collectibles survival modeLook for a pole from which ropes with flags and decorations go in all directions. The diamond is above the pole.
5survival mode tatooine collectable locationsWhen you find an Imperial Shuttle on a hill, look for a cave below it. You’ll find the diamond inside it, next to a skeleton.
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