SW Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Force Echo Locations

Force echoes are collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Each one you collect will unlock a new databank entry, giving you a glimpse into the lives and histories of various characters. There are also two special kinds of echoes – life and force essences – which can increase your stats once you’ve found enough. All of them have a distinct blue glow, but there’s so many of them you’re bound to miss at least a few. This guide is going to show you all SW Jedi Fallen Order Bogano force echo locations.

star wars jedi fallen order bogano force echo locations
SW Jedi Fallen Order Bogano Force Echo Locations

Where to find force echoes on Bogano?

Most of the force echoes are locked away in parts of Bogano you can’t reach without progressing deep into the story and unlocking specific Jedi skills. You will be coming back to the planet much later in the game with most of these unlocked and perhaps that’s the perfect opportunity to do collectibles. Whatever you choose to do we will list which skill you need to get to the particular area with the force echo. To give you an idea here are the skills you’ll need and where to get them.

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  • Force push – Zeffo, Tomb of Eilram (2nd story planet)
  • Force Pull – Zeffo, Tomb of Miktrull during Raise the Spire of Miktrull story mission
  • Jedi flip (double jump) – Kashyyyk, Origin Tree during the Climb the Origin Tree main story objective (one of the last things you get)

Bogano Hermit’s Abode Force Echo secrets

The next one is in the Hermit’s Abode. When you enter the main room, look to the right. You’ll see a narrow corridor leading into a small storage room. Go inside and interact with the glowing pot. You’ll unlock the Larder databank entry.

Bogano Bogdo Sinkholes Force Echo locations

The first one we found was a life essence in the Bogdo Sinkholes. It was in the same room where you fight the Oggdo Bogdo, the giant three-eyes lizard. It unlocked the Bogling Corpse databank entry. The second one was a force essence, also in the Bogdo Sinkholes. It can be found in the round room with the fans in the floor. You’ll have to use the force to slow down the fan that blocks the entrance in order to get inside. It will unlock the Research Notes databank entry.

If you just want the echoes that provide you with upgrades, be sure to check out our life essence and force essence locations guides. That’s everything we found so far, but we’re going to keep playing, and we’re going to update the guide as soon as we have more info. If you know of any force echo locations we’ve missed on the first planet, feel free to share the knowledge in the comments.

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