Starfield Cosmetic Locations

Figuring out where to find Cosmetic locations in Starfield is going to become important at one time or another. It is a necessary material, or resource, for upgrading equipment, making mods for weapons, building outposts, and more. So, how do you get this when you need it? Perhaps even have a stash at the ready at some point? Well, let’s find out.

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starfield cosmetic locations
Starfield Cosmetic Locations

Where to Find Cosmetic in Starfield

The easiest way to find Cosmetic locations in Starfield is to go to specific vendors. The earliest one you will probably visit is Wen Tseng. You can find them in the Commercial District of New Atlantis, in the Distribution Center. Wen Tseng sells about fifty different resources or so, including structural materials and much, much more. It’s a great place to visit and buy a bunch of materials that you can use to begin a bunch of researching and crafting projects. Other vendors that sell Cosmeetics include Dietrich Sieghart of Sieghart’s Outfitters and Kolman Lang at the Trade Authorities. Both of them are in Neon, on the planet Volii.

The other way to find Cosmetic locations in Starfield is to scrounge it from the different places you visit on your adventures. It can appear in nodes, loot caches, containers, etc. There’s a method to make this slightly easier, and that’s to go to a Research Station, either on the Frontier ship or the basement of the Lodge. From there, you can select a project you want to work on and then press R on the keyboard or X on the controller. Every material necessary will get a little blue magnifying glass next to it, which denotes that it is being tracked.

You can track Cosmetic like any other resource

Now, some players might expect tracking a material to make it, like, glow a certain color or something to make it easier to spot. Unfortunately, that’s not at all the case. All you get is that magnifying glass next to an item you’re looting or collecting from the wild. It helps a little, especially if you’re thin on inventory, but it won’t make it any easier to locate. If there’s a resource your specifically gunning for, go to a store. Check out our Starfield Scan Planet Resources, Flora and Fauna – Minerals, Creatures and Plants guide for help with scanning a planet’s resources.

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