Starfield Structural Material Locations

Finding Starfield structural material locations is not necessarily easy, but there are ways that can make it easier. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide. We can’t really list out every single place you can find them, since so much of the game is randomized. However, we will give you some tips on how you can make the search less annoying. After all, structural materials in Starfield are often used in different research and crafting projects, so it’s important to have them on hand.

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starfield structural material locations
Starfield Structural Material Locations

Where to Find Structural Materials in Starfield

There are several ways to find structural material locations in Starfield. Well, really, there are two broader options. The first one is going to a vendor. For example, the Distribution Center in the Commercial District New Atlantis and many other major cities. It’s kinda like a post office or DHL or UPS or what have you. The vendor in that Distribution Center, Wen Tseng, offers about fifty different resources. She’s a great source of all kinds of stuff that you can use to jumpstart your research. That way, you can start crafting basic recipes pretty quickly.

Another way to find the locations of structural material in Starfield is to collect them as resources from planets you visit. One way you can make this a little easier is to track a project. By default, the Research Station is either in the basement of the Lodge or on the Frontier. Open the station and find the project you’re currently the most interested in. Then, hit R on the keyboard or X on the controller to track the resources necessary to make it. The materials will have a blue magnifying glass next to them when you do that.

how to track structural materials starfield
Tracking materials

Now, keep in mind, this doesn’t magically make the Starfield structural material locations to start glowing magically. Rather, all that it does is add that magnifying glass to every item that you’re tracking while you’re looting. You still have to actually seek them out. For more info on collecting materials in general, check out our Starfield Scan Planet Resources, Flora and Fauna – Minerals, Creatures and Plants guide.

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