State of Decay 2 - Repair Weapons - How to fix Melee weapons and guns

Repairing weapons in State of Decay 2 is an important task if you and your friends want to survive the zombie apocalypse. You’ll come across different types of weapons, from a baseball bat to a sniper rifle, but all of them have limited durability and break down often. You’ve grown attached to a particular weapon and don’t want to lose it? In this article we’ll show you how to fix melee weapons and guns in State of Decay 2.

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Repairing weapons in State of Decay 2
Repairing Weapons in State of Decay 2

How to Repair Weapons in State of Decay 2?

In order to repair your weapons you’ll have to build a workshop in your main base camp. First you have to know that if your weapon breaks you can’t use it in combat anymore. When your weapon is damaged, you’ll get a notification in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can keep on using your weapon until it breaks, or switch to another weapon in your backpack. Your best bet is to switch to another weapon. It costs fewer parts to repair a damaged than a broken weapon.

Once you build the workshop, press Y to interact with the supply locker. When the damaged weapon is in the supply locker, you’ll see the parts necessary to repair it. It also shows how much it will cost to repair it. Repair parts are scattered throughout the game, and you can also get them by salvaging weapons you don’t need or other materials. If you have enough repair parts, select repair, and it will be fixed right away. In the workshop you can also craft explosives and do other tasks.

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