State of Decay 2 Tips and Secrets

State of Decay 2 is a survival horror game where your goal is to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. This task is not easy at all because you’ll have to keep you, and your followers well fed, healthy and ultimately alive. Fortunately for you, in this article we’ll share some beginner’s tips and secrets that you wish you knew before you started playing State of Decay 2.

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state of decay 2 tips tricks
State of Decay 2 Tips and Tricks – Things I wish I knew

Transferring items from trunk to base

Rucksacks don’t auto drop from your vehicle. Drive your vehicle into the parking spot at your base and get out. Go around to the trunk and open it. Press Right Trigger or T on keyboard while “parked” and looking into the trunk. (thanks Whatafuxup and Ice-wolf). Look for the best cars in the game with big Storage & Trunk Capacity.

How do you bring another guy with you?

Always Bring a Follower – you’ll have additional help and an extra rucksack. In order to bring another guy with you, talk to one of your fellow followers and ask them to join you.

How to play with friends?

Co-op multiplayer in State of Decay 2 is an optional mode of play. It becomes available after completing the tutorial mission. There are some important notes when it comes to joining someone else’s game, like inventory sharing, progression and more – How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer.

Important skills

Along with shooting and fighting skills, Medical skills are important if you want your survivors to recover from any injuries or fatigue as quickly as possible. In order to get another Outpost slot, you’ll need Computer skills to level up your Command Center to level 3. Mechanic skill allows you to craft Vehicle Repair Kits.

Always take the biggest backpack you can

When you’re planning to do some serious looting, remember to bring two people with large backpacks and a car. If your first character is full, you can put some of your items in the trunk of your car. If you got full again, remember to stack the same items for maximum efficiency. If you’re really full, switch to your other character and fill your character up again. Switching characters is extremely useful especially when you got several rucksacks in one looting session. (thanks Calorie_Killer_G)


Be careful with vehicles because you can easily get stuck and lose your car. (thanks Voqar) It’s important to upgrade Vehicles in State of Decay 2.


A strong weapon with only a few shots can be better than a weak one with a ton of ammo. You really only need guns for special infected groups. (thanks NotQuiteLife) Also, don’t forget to repair weapons in State of Decay 2.

Plague hearts

Plague hearts do melee damage when they lose a third of their health bar; this can be seen by the heart exploding blood out. It can and will kill you if you are meleeing it and have low health. (thanks draakdorei)

Low morale

Survivors will leave you if your morale stays too low, even the ones you pick up from the tutorial communities. (thanks draakdorei)

Playing solo and offline

If you play solo make sure you have your game set to offline. If you don’t do that you won’t be able to pause even if no one is in your game. (thanks xDivineDemonz)

How to continue the game from where you left off

If you leave the game and come back in it puts you in a different place. In order to avoid this click play offline. You’ll come back into the game pretty much where you left off. (thanks METALPUNKS)

How to kill feral

When you’re in a car and see a feral killing them is easy. Get close enough to it that it notices you, and drive slowly away from it. It will chase you and attempt to jump on your car. When it jumps, switch to reverse and gun it. (or if you were driving away in reverse, gun it forward.) It will either outright kill it or sometimes knock it down for an easy kill. (thanks xfuzzzygames)

Ferals also don’t like being lit on fire, thus they actually fall to the ground and roll around making them easy pickings at that point. (thanks BIRDLEGS)

If the feral is running at you, roll when he tries to pounce on you. He’ll miss and fall on his face, giving you time to come up and do the finisher. Just forward and he’ll miss and then quickly do the finisher. (thanks Aristotelian)

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  1. J
    Jo mama

    Fire bombs take a plague heart out with two cocktails

    1. P
      Paul Palmer

      The more plague hearts you take out, the harder it becomes to kill them. Grenades and other throwibles work best.

      1. L
        Larry Medford

        4 shots from a .50 rifle kills any plagueheart, even the final one. Be warned, however, after you kill the final plagueheart, the special infected types spawn at a ridiculously high rate. It is not uncommon to encounter every possible type at once after reaching this point.

    2. B

      Crossbow is best for EVERYTHING! I kill everything silently and never get attacked and get most of my ammo back

  2. D
    Derek Korsch

    As soon as you can finish the Eagle Eye quest for the Timburwolf sniper. 3 shots for a plague heart

  3. M

    So have they taken out the ability to
    Drop your resource rucksack, if say you picke it’s up by accident and you need to fight a shit ton of freaks and there is no trunk or base to put it in?

    1. R

      You can still drop rucksacks when you need to. There is an animation that can be a bit too long if you REALLY need to get it off in a hurry.

  4. M

    Also, is it a stupid move to go to the next map , with only 4 people? Cuz just did that, and I can’t get a base going, I’m two people short, and I can only make outposts.. am I screwed? Lol

    1. K

      You probably found out by now, but you can go to the intro base on the map, which only requires 1 person and 0 influence to start 🙂

      1. S
        S-OF-D Guy

        Yeay Yea keep telling that to your self becouse that a LIE .

  5. Z

    any good pistol works fine as long as you aim for head, if thats all you rlly have then use as a last resoort option, ammo can be scarce at first

  6. J

    1. So you don’t really need to upgrade vehicles. So far I have beat the map 6 times and only upgraded once.

    2. With plague hearts, if you kill it fast enough then all plague zombies in the area will die. I usually kill all hearts without ever engaging the zombies that spawn.

    3. I do not recommend taking the biggest bag. Take 7 slots and make outposts near the area you are searching.

    4. Keep extra cars at your safe house and use the trunk as extra storage when putting the runsack in the base will exceed max limit.

    5. Trucks are awesome, good handling and good durability.

    6. Always keep a gas can in your trunk. Also keep plenty of gas cans in your storage so you can take them out from outposts.

    7. Beat the map with each leader type before going map to map via comms station. The perks for winning are sooooo good. Builder is awesome, power and water with no generator and 0 zombie threat. Warlord is good also because you get 4 or 5 AR15s, tons of ammo for them and 20 grenades which make plague hearts nothing.

    8. Don’t be afraid to destroy rooms for something else.

    9. Look how many beds you need before you build more.

    10. Don’t build everything at once, will trigger zombie invasions.

    11. Read the descriptions on runsacks and food. Trust me on this one.

    12. Load the 3 characters up with stuff you need when starting a new map (weapons, ammo, gas can and vehicle repairs).

    13. When going to new safe houses, the largest most expensive is not always the best. If it is far from everything and you are not getting much gas on the map, you could be screwed.

    14. Learn which fields you can cut across to save gas.

    15. Zombie distractions are really fun to use around hostile enclaves 🙂

  7. J
    Joe Lane

    What to do when you’re food is low and you can’t find more

    1. L

      Get an outpost that gives a food resource, relocate at the home base location where you can build a farm…

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