Super Mario Odyssey Capturable Creatures Locations

Creatures you can capture in Super Mario Odyssey are a kind of collectable. The game keeps tabs on which enemies in Odyssey you’ve possessed with Cappy. Once you control a creature it will have the famous mustache and Cappy on its head. Mastering capturable creatures is an absolute necessity, because you’ll have to use them to solve many different puzzles. Because they’re so important, we’ve put together a Super Mario Odyssey creature capture list with their locations and their abilities.

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Super Mario Odyssey Capturable Creatures Locations
Super Mario Odyssey Capturable Creatures Locations

Capturable Creatures Locations in Super Mario Odyssey

1. Frog – This is the first creature that you can possess in Super Mario Odyssey. The first time you see them is as early as Cap Kingdom. When you enter the large, white hat-like structure after you’ve pulled the bridge up, you’ll see a gaggle of frogs. Throw Cappy onto one of them to possess it. The frog can jump much higher than Mario, allowing you to reach inaccessible platforms. It’s important to note that Micro Goombas will still attack you while you’re possessing a frog.

2. Spark Pylon – Another “creature” you can and will have to possess in Cap Kingdom. After you defeat the first boss, your first Spark Pylon will pop up. Throw Cappy onto it and use the power lines to travel onward. You’ll also have to travel via power line in Sand Kingdom, and other locations.

3. Paragoomba – You can capture a flying Goomba by returning to Cap Kingdom after completing it. They’re necessary for reaching certain points of the level. You’ll meet them in other places, as well, such as in certain sections of Wooded Kingdom.4. Chain Chomp – The first Chain Chomp you’ll meet is in Cascade Kingdom. You’ll meet one in the first little clearing of the kingdom, near the beginning. Once you capture it with Cappy, you can wind it up and make it smash into rocks (or another Chain Chomp). That way, you can clear your way and reveal all kinds of secrets. However, if another Chain Chomp attacks you, you’ll be shot right out of the one you were possessing.

5. Big Chain Chomp – The Big Chain Chomp acts and plays just like a regular Chain Chomp. The main difference is that it’s bigger and has a longer chain. Just like with a normal Chain Chomp, you can wind it up and smash into rocks and other Chain Chomps.

6. Broode’s Chain Chomp – Also known as Chompikins, it is the pet of Madame Broode, and you encounter it in Cascade Kingdom, in Fossil Falls Heights. It is golden, and it wears a huge sunhat. You can knock that hat off and replace it with Cappy to capture it. It works exactly like the regular and big Chain Chomp, and possessing Chompikins is necessary to defeat Madame Broode.

7. T-Rex – Now, this is what we’ve all been waiting for since we first saw the T-Rex in the promo material. Fortunately, you’ll be able to capture a T-Rex as early as Cascade Kingdom. It’s fast asleep on the hill, near the clearing that has three Chain Chomps. When you possess it, you can run around, trample enemies, and destroy otherwise unbreakable blocks.

8. Binoculars – Starting with Sand Kingdom, at the entrance to Tostarena Ruins, you’ll encounter little pairs of binoculars on stands, like those telescopes you see in tourist places. They serve to let you to scout out the environment. When you capture one, it will shoot into the air, connected to the floor with a cord. That’ll give you an excellent vantage point, and even allows you to zoom in.

9. Bullet Bill – The first moment when you run into a Bullet Bill is in the the Tostarena Ruins in Sand Kingdom. Climb up the stairs, and head right, and you’ll eventually run into a cannon shooting Bullet Bills. When you capture a Bullet Bill, you can fly around, and speed up by hitting Y. The catch is, you can’t fly up or down. Also, they’ll explode, either after a certain time, or if you hit an obstacle. Also, later on, some Bills will already be wearing a hat, which you’ll have to knock off before capturing it.

10. Moe-Eye – Moe-Eyes are a new type of enemy in Super Mario Odyssey. They basically large rock heads with feet, earrings, and pink sunglasses. You’ll meet them in Sand Kingdom, in the Moe-Eye Habitat, beyond the Tostarena Ruins. Capturing a Moe-Eye gives you a pretty interesting power. If you put on the glasses, you can see Hidden Blocks and invisible platforms. However, that slows down your movement. Removing the shades lets you run normally, but the hidden stuff will then disappear. Also, Moe-Eyes can’t jump, so it’ll hinder your movement quite a bit.

11. Cactus – You can possess a Cactus in the Sand Kingdom. There’s only one candidate, though, and it’s the tall one north of the Desert Oasis checkpoint, near the purple lake. It doesn’t have any abilities – there’s literally nothing you can do as a Cactus except jump around slowly. Maybe it’s tied to a secret?

12. Goomba – Goombas! If you’ve ever played a Mario game before, you’ll know what a Goomba is. In case you haven’t – they’re the frowny brown mushroom things. You’ll find them in most kingdoms, and their main draw is that you can stack them atop each other, which can allow you to reach really high up.

13. Knucklotec’s Fist – This one can’t be missed. It’s one of the giant fists of the Knucklotec boss. You’ll need to possess them in order to win the fight.

14. Mini Rocket – They’re like miniature space rockets, used to get you into various sub-levels. For instance, there’s one on the highest rooftop of Tostarena, in the Sand Kingdom.

15. Glydon – Like a mix between a giant mosquito and a lizard. Glydons can glide, as you may have guessed. There’s one next to the Tostarena Round Tower checkpoint in the Sand Kingdom.

16. Lakitu – They’re those cutesy little turtles that sit on clouds and fish. There’s usually a secret treasure to be obtained when you possess one and catch the fish near it. One hangs out at the pool by the Courtyard checkpoint in Lake Kingdom.

17. Zipper – Literally a zipper. They’re used to open up secret areas in levels. You’ll find a bunch of them in Lake Kingdom.

18. Cheep Cheep – The iconic weird orange fish. They can swim around and break stuff with a twirl. Obviously, you’ll find plenty of them in Lake Kingdom. A cluster hangs out near the Water Plaza Entrance checkpoint.

19. Puzzle Part (Lake Kingdom) – A stone block that’s part of a devious Lake Kingdom puzzle. It’s one of a kind.

20. Poison Piranha Plant – These wretched things are kind of tought to possess. We’ve written a whole guide on the subject. There’s a good spot in the Wooded Kingdom – if you want specifics, check out our Poison Piranha Plant guide.

21. Uproot – Weird little bulbs that can extend their feet/stalks and let you reach otherwise inaccessible places. You’ll find a whole lot of them in the Wooded Kingdom.

22. Fire Bro – They’re the enemy of everything that is good and kind, but also a great tool. Possessing one is akin to taking the flower in the olden Mario games – it will allow you to shoot fireballs. You can find a handful of them in the Luncheon Kingdom.

23. Sherm – Short for Sherman, as in, the tank. They can do all those fun tanky things, like shooting at things until they explode. You can possess one during a mini level in Metro Kingdom, for example.

24. Coin Coffer – A coin purse that has the ability to shoot coins. Every coin it shoots comes out of your pocket, though, so don’t get carried away. You can find them in Sand and Wooded Kingdom.

25. Tree

26. Boulder

27. Picture Match Part (Goomba)

28. Tropical Wiggler

29. Pole

30. Manhole

31. Taxi

32. RC Car

33. Ty-foo

34. Shiverian Racer

35. Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom)

36. Gushen

37. Lava Bubble

38. Volbonan

39. Hammer Bro

40. Meat

41. Fire Piranha Plant

42. Pokio

43. Jizo

44. Bowser Statue

45. Parabones

46. Banzai Bill

47. Chargin’ Chuck

48. Bowser

49. Letter

50. Puzzle Part (Metro Kingdom)

51. Picture Match Part (Mario)

52. Yoshi
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