Metro Kingdom Moons Locations - Super Mario Odyssey Power Moons

Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey Metro Kingdom are very plentiful. If your Odyssey is lacking power, Metro Kingdom is a good place to stock up. There are 66 Metro Kingdom Power Moons that you can gather initially, plus another 15 when you open the Moon Rock. In order to leave this kingdom the first time, you’ll need a total of 17 Moons, and some of them can be pretty hard to find and collect. For that reason, we’ve put together our guide on Power Moon Locations in Metro Kingdom.

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In case you need assistance with any of the other kingdoms, we’ll help you find all Power Moons in Cascade, Sand, Lake, Wooded, Lost, and Snow Kingdom.

metro kingdom power moon locations map super mario odyssey
Metro Kingdom Moons Locations – click to see the full map

Lost Kingdom Moon Locations
Snow Kingdom Power Moons

Story Power Moons in Metro Kingdom

Bowser is interrupting power and preventing mayor Pauline from holding the traditional Metro kingdom festival. Helping her will involve several quest steps. You will stop Bowser’s power drain, recruit players for the festival band and finally enjoy participating in the festival itself. Going through the main story quest rewards you 7 collectibles, out of which two are multi moons so you will get 11 moons just for finishing the story in this kingdom.

#1 New Donk City’s Pest ProblemDefeat the Mechawiggler boss. The battle begins at the huge skyscraper that you reach by zapping through power lines from New Donk City Hall Rooftop. The boss will fling you down to a much lower platform, where you’re supposed to capture a Sherm and give the boss hell. When you kill it, you’ll get the Multi Moon.

#2 Drummer on Board!Talk to Mayor Pauline, who’ll ask you to find her four backup musicians. Luckily for you, the first one, the drummer, is just to the right from the Mayor. You can clearly see him during the dialogue. Head over there and talk to the drummer to earn the moon.

#3 Guitarist on Board!Make your way back to the Main Street Entrance flag. Go into the park on the right. In the upper right corner, you’ll see the guitarist jamming out in front of a couple of people. Talk to him to get the collectable.

#4 Bassist on Board!Go to the right from the New Donk City Hall Plaza. Possess the Spark Pylon just beyond the small outdoor cafe. This will take you to the mayor Pauline Commemorative Park. You’ll easily spot the bassist in the corner among some trees.

#5 Trumpeter On Board!The Trumpeter is arguably the most difficult musician to find. Go all the way left from the City Hall Plaza and jump onto the hood of the taxi, then possess the pole to launch Mario one level up the building. Use the other poles to reach the top of the building. From there, use the final pole to launch yourself across to the triangular building across the street. Talk to the trumpeter and grab the moon.

#6 Powering Up the StationWhere you jumped on the taxi in the previous entry, you’ll find a glowing manhole (you can’t miss it, since it’s emitting a ray of light) that you can capture and move. Jump into the hole, and you’ll find yourself in the Underground Power Plant. At the end of the section, you’ll have to kill two giant Poison Plants to obtain the moon.

#7 A Traditional Festival Multi MoonPatiently make your way through the 2D 8-bit platforming section. At the end, you’ll have to play a round of the original Donkey Kong game, the game where Mario made his first appearance as Jumpman. When you defeat Donkey Kong, jump into the warp pipe, then go talk to the mayor one more time to receive a multi moon.

Metro Kingdom Locations of Power Moons

You finished the story and unlocked several fast travel flags. This is important because we will be referencing those throughout the guide bellow. This makes explaining where the moons are located a lot easier for both you and me. You should have Main Street Entrance, Construction Site, New Donk City Hall Plaza, Heliport, New Donk City Hall Rooftop and Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park unlocked as you go through the Metro quest. If you were observant there is an Outdoor Cafe flag just a few meters north of where you entered the Power Plant through a manhole cover. I would like to mention Rooftop Garden flag, which is located on top of the building just left of where the Cap Store is at. There are many ways to reach it, but maybe the best is to Go up the building south of Outside Cafe via orange poles found on the side of the building. (capture them with Cappy and flip yourself upward). Near the top of the building is a zappy line that takes you to this flag.

metro kingdom rooftop garden flag location mario odyssey

#08. Inside an Iron Girder

From the Main Street Entrance checkpoint, go into the second street on the left (Expresso Street). Walk to the dead end, and you’ll notice that there are four crates standing there. Break them all to reveal the pathway ahead. The moon is at the end of the path.

#9. Swaying in the Breeze

Warp to the Heliport checkpoint flag. You’ll notice a swinging girder hanging nearby that you can reach by walking across the catwalk. Hop over there to collect the Power Moon.

#10. Girder Sandwich

From the New Donk City Hall Plaza, head east to the edge. Look to the south and you’ll see some construction work just behind the orange road block cones. Wall jump between the two girders, then between the girder and the building wall. Grab the Power Moon.

#11. Glittering Above the Pool

From the Heliport checkpoint, walk across the bridge to the City Hall building. Use the Spark Pylon on the right to travel up the building. On the other side of the building, to the west, you can see another building with a pool on the roof. Find the highest spot that you can, then dive jump to the rooftop with the pool (alternatively, after you’ve defeated Bowser, you can use the cafe many floors below the pool and the forks from Luncheon Kingdom sticking out of the building). Once you reach the pool, jump onto the sunshade to reach the moon high above.

#12. Dizzying Heights

To get this Moon, you’ll have to reach the very top of New Donk City Hall. Follow the beginning steps described in the previous entry. Once on the roof, you’ll have to climb up the antenna. Hop up the gold platforms, then climb the rest of the way to the very top. Hit B to collect the power moon, after enjoying the view.

#13. Secret Girder Tunnel

Head back to the Odyssey. Go to the Spark Pylon, but don’t possess it. Instead, go to the right of it. You’ll see a hole in the girder that you can go inside and get the moon.

#14. Who Piled Garbage on This

Start from the Main Street Entrance flag. Jump onto the first taxi on the left, the one next to the scooter. Climb up the fire escape and onto the roof. From there, jump onto the outer unit of the AC, then the water tower between the billboards. From there, you’ll find a glowing pile of garbage bags in the far right corner. Mind the gap between the buildings. Clear the garbage bags and Ground Pound the glowing part. Map shows the exact location, just note that it is on the rooftop.

#15. Hidden in the Scrap

Warp to the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park (the place where you found the bassist earlier in the story, see point 4). Perform a Ground Pound on top of the fallen machine to get the collectible.

#16. Left at the Cafe

Go into the alley west of the New Donk City Hall building, the one where the two blue tarps are. At the green trash can, go left, then left again into the dead end with the Spark Pylon. Capture it, and you’ll arrive at a rooftop cafe. Once there, relax a bit and look around. You’ll notice that some birds wills start gathering at one place among the tables. That’s where you’ll have to Ground Pound Jump to receive the Power Moon. You’ll know that you’re at the right spot when your controller’s vibrating is the strongest.

#17. Caught Hopping on a Building

Warp to the Rooftop Garden checkpoint. Go to the corner with the football, and use the Pole to launch yourself to the rooftop with two people sitting on the bench. You’ll notice that there’s a bunny on that roof. You’ll have to hit him several times to get the moon. The rabbit will probably hop over to another rooftop, and you can follow it by possessing the poles to chase him around. You need to touch the rabbit with Mario. Hitting him with your hat only slows it down, but moon capture occurs once you touch him.

#18. How Do They Take Out the Trash

From the northeast corner of the roof of New Donk City Hall, look in the direction of the Helipad checkpoint. You’ll notice a very, very, very tall girder. If you look carefully, you’ll see a dumpster on top of the girder. You’ll have to leap for it, and do a dive jump mid-fall in order to reach the dumpster. Once you make the jump, open the dumpster to get the power moon.

where to find metro kingdom power moon 18

#19. Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Warp to Main Street Entrance, then head towards City Hall Plaza. Take the second left into Expresso Street until you reach the crates mentioned in Power Moon 8. You’ll find a scarecrow there that you can possess to initiate a platforming puzzle. Reach the end to collect the moon. The way to do this is jump onto the first seesaw and just run. Dive jump into the second seesaw so you lad on its further end. This will rise the left end so you can jump onto the third seesaw. Wait just for a second so it raises and run to capture the moon in the last second.

Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 power moon

#20. Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

On the roof of New Donk City Hall, you’ll see a scooter and a P-Switch. Mount the scooter and drive over the P-Button to make the course appear. Carefully make the turn, pick up the key to spawn the moon, then make another turn and collect the moon. You just have to be quick and precise. Hardest part is hitting the key straight on after the turn. I picked up the moon by dismounting the scooter in the end.

#21. City Gardening: Building Planter

Head into the park to the right of the Main Street Entrance. In the southeast corner pick up one of the yellow Metro Kingdom seeds. Then, go to the nearby taxi parked near the scooter, and use it to jump onto the fire escape. Climb to the roof, and you’ll see a plant pot in the corner next to the water tower. Plant the seed, wait for it to grow, then hit the flower to get the collectable.

metro kingdom seeds second pot location SMO
Climb to the roof of the building east from the seeds.

#22. City Gardening: Plaza Planter

Pick up one of the seeds (as described in the previous entry), and take it to the plant pot in the northeast corner of the park. It’s near the little platform where you found the guitarist from Power Moon 3.

#23. City Gardening: Rooftop Planter

Take one of the seeds from the park right of the Main Street Entrance flag. From there, go east into Expresso Street, and note the building with the colorful ground floor, very much like it came from Sand Kingdom. This is the slots minigame building. Go to its northern wall to find a small alleyway. You can wall jump up here, all the while carrying the seed. Once on the roof you can jump onto the adjacent building’s top and plant the seed. It can take up to 10 minutes for the seed to grow so feel free to do other things while you wait.

Go behind the slots building and wall jump up to the roof.

#24. How You Doin’, Captain Toad?

From New Donk City Hall Plaza flag go into the first alley to the northwest, then clear out the boxes on the right. You’ll immediately see the red girders jutting out of the building. Captain Toad will be waiting for you at the end of it. Just look at the big map to see his exact location.

#25. Free Parking: Rooftop Hop

Grab the scooter at Main Street Entrance and drive over to City Hall Plaza. First building to the east of City Hall has a blue tarp covered parts that are under construction, with some stairs. You can ride your scooter up those stairs, so do just that. At the top, you can press B while riding the scooter to jump up the stairs and onto the roof. Drive onto the little platform next to the man in the suit and park your scooter there, and the man will give you a Power Moon. Refer to the location on the big map above.

#26. Bench Friends

From Main Street Entrance checkpoint, take the first turn on the left into Dixie Street. When you get to the Crazy Cap, turn right, and you’ll run into a lonely man sitting on the bench. Jump onto the bench, Mario will sit next to him, and he’ll give you a Power Moon. It’s a pretty sad little story.


#27. Shopping in New Donk City

Purchase the Power Moon from Crazy Cap for 100 Gold Coins. The store is in Dixie Street, the first one on the left from Main Street Entrance.

#28. Metro Kingdom Slots

At the spot marked on the big map above is where the slots minigame building is at (second left from Main Street Entrance flag – go west ’till the end of the street). Go inside the building, and play the slots. Use Cappy to stop all four slots on the moon icon to earn the Power Moon. Just wait for the heart to show and throw your cap immediately after it to hit the power moon.

#29. Jump-Rope Hero

In the park next to Main Street Entrance, two women want to play jump-rope. So, that’s exactly what you have to do. All you need to do is to jump over the rope. The catch is, it speeds up every five jumps. So, you’ll have to stay on your toes and adjust your jumps. Jump the rope 30 times to earn this moon.

#30. Jump-Rope Genius

This is probably the hardest power moon to get in the entire game. The instructions are the same as in entry #29. The difference is, you have to jump the rope 100 times. First 50 jumps the game speeds up every five jumps. After the speed remains the same and it is all bout persevering with high speed and precision. Some tips are to just lightly tap the button, because the longer you hold the jump button, the longer the jump and that will mess up your rhythm. Position your camera so it is in line with the two ladies and Mario in the middle. Listen to the Hey sound one of the ladies shouts as a sound cue when to jump. If you need further help, consult our Metro Kingdom Jump-Rope Challenge Tips guide.

#31 – Remotely Captured Car

West of the Main Street Entrance flag is a guy driving a small RC car around an improvised track. Capture him and drive the car yourself under the cage in order to capture this moon. Doing this unlocks RC car races which reward moon #32.

#32 – RC Car Pro!

You have to unlock the previous moon to be able to access this one. After you pick up #31 go to the guy standing next to a door just a few meters west of the RC guy. Talk to him and he’ll let you inside the building where RC races are being held. You have to drive three laps in under 30 seconds. Hold the left stick always in upwards position. Trick is to turn with precision to avoid hitting the walls, because that is what slows you down. This was not a hard challenge for getting the moon, but ranking high on the world scoreboard is a whole different matter.

#33 – Taking Notes: In the Private Room

From New Donk City Hall plaza flag go south and into the second building to the west. (Look at the big map above for the 33. mark – that’s the entrance). You have a note collecting task here that will make you go through green warp pipes several times. There are four phases, but I feel like there’s enough time to complete it because each phase seems to have a timer of its own.

#34 – City Hall Lost & Found

You could have picked this one up while you were doing the main story mission. If you didn’t do it then, go to Helipad flag and move west across the girder. Continue west along the pathway until you find the entrance into the building (don’t go up the spark wire to the top of the building, but, rather, stay at that same level where the helipad flag is at). You’ll be doing the small section from the main story again inside New Donk City Hall Interior. Go up the moving platform until you reach the yellow girders. Go to the leftmost girder and climb it. You’ll see there’s another yellow girder above it. Climb that and other ones next to it until you reach the platform with a chest and moon inside it.power moon 34 City Hall Lost Found mario odyssey

#35 – Sewer Treasure

This is done in the Power Plant mini level you visited during the main story. From Outside Cafe flag go a few meters to the south and you should see a huge manhole cover you can capture. Move it out of the way and go inside the Power Plant. Once you reach the section with rotating platforms and poison plants move along until the last platform that is placed vertically on the sidewall. The goal is to hit it with your cap and when you jump on it to reach its peak. From the highest point of its rotation you can now jump onto the platform above holding the power moon.Sewer Treasure power moon

#36 – Celebrating in the Streets!

This is done when you restore power to the city and mayor id throwing a festival. You get to play the 8-bit level with DK at the end. During this platforming section you need to drop down one of the green pipes and that takes you to a secret screen with the power moon inside. This happens when you are upside down, running on the celing and fireballs shooting at you. Middle of that inverted level’s screen are 4 ? blocks. Jump onto them and jump in the middle of them to uncover two more invisible blocks. From there jump into the green pipe. If you did not do this during the main quest you can go inside the ground floor of the City Hall and talk to the man in the left corner, close to the stage, to restart it.power moon 36 Celebrating in the Streets

#37 – Pushing Through the Crowd

Just a few steps north from Outdoor Cafe falg is the entrance into a small building. Inside is a mini level with loads of people just walking from one end to the other. Moon #38 is also collected here so you might do that one first. Pull the switch to where you spawn and move to the end of the alley as fast as you can. To get past the crowd of people you may as well jump on their heads and do some crowd surfing. Dive jump here and there also helps.

#38 – High Over the Crowd

In the same building as the previous one you need to get to the green awning near the green warp pipe, at the other side of the alley. Jump on it and onto the red poles so you can reach the metal platform with the collectible.


#39 – Rewiring the Neighborhood

You will need to purchase the Builder Outfit for this one. It can be purchased for 15 regional coins at the Crazy Cap. First building west of New Donk City Hall holds the entrance with a guy, wearing a hard hat, preventing anyone not a building inspector from entering. Wearing the costume you can go inside and do a mini level. There are two moons to be found here. This one is found at the end of this level so just keep exploring and going until you get it. You need to pick up 5 clearly visible moon shards at the Fuzzies guarded power lines to spawn it.

#40 – Off the Beaten Wire

Found inside the same mini level as Moon #39. At the beginning you got to go past Fuzzies guarding power lines. Once past that go to the right Spark Pylon and you’ll find yourself at the base of a tall building. Use the spark pylon here, but make sure you jump out of it (press RL) once you reach the roof of the building. From there drop down to where some wooden crates are and the moon is inside one of them.

metro kingdom Off the Beaten Wire

#41 – Moon Shards Under Siege

Another day, another mini level in the Metro Kingdom. North of Main Street Entrance flage is a taxi with a little knob on its roof. You can capture it. Once you “drive” it you’ll arrive at a level filled with Sherm tanks. Number 42 moon is in here too – hidden, so make sure you pick it up before you leave the elvel. This moon is gained by piciking up 5 moon shards. They can be easily spotted around the level except one. It is found if you destroy one of the taxis in the back right corner. There is one in the air and you can pick this one up by shooting it. If you are stuck navigating through the level remember to destroy all iron cubes that only Sherms can destroy. Kill other tanks as well. Moon spawns next to a taxi that will take you outside.

How to reach Power Moon #42 – Sharpshooting Under Siege?

You need to create a bridge between the two highest platforms in this mini level by shooting the invisible blocks with your tank. Follow the instructions for the previous collectible to reach the mini level hiding this moon. #41 moon spawns close to the taxi that takes you outside. #42 is on the platform high above it. To reach this platform use your tank to shoot invisible blocks in the middle between the platforms (directly above where #41 spawns) to make them visible and create a bridge. This will take you to where the moon is. Refer to our screenshot bellow for help.

Sharpshooting Under Siege power moon metro kingdom mario odyssey

#43 – Inside the Rotating Maze

From Main Street Flag go west down the street until you find a small manhole cover you can capture and move out of the way. (Just past the cap store). This takes you inside a maze with platforms you can rotate by throwing your cap at it. Pick up 5 moon shards and the moon will spawn in front of the maze. If you have trouble navigating the maze just remember you don’t have to stand on the platform to rotate it. You can be far away and throw your cap at the walls for them to turn. Don’t forget to pick up #44 as well, hidden in this mini level as well.

#44 – Outside the Rotating Maze

Inside the small manhole cover just west of the Cap store is the mini maze described above. Jump onto its glass roof and walk all the way to its back. You should see a small platform with the moon on it.

Outside the Rotating Maze Power Moon

#45 – Hanging from a High-Rise

There’s another mini level past the crowded building you went to when you were after moon #37. Enter the building a few steps north of the Outside Cafe. Go to the end of the crowded alley and enter the green warp pipe. You’ll find yourself on a small island with a rocket. Posses it and fly to another mini level. This moon is at the end of the level. Difficulty here is jumping across moving red poles. Just be patient and you should be able to reach the end. However, you need to look at #46 explanation before to capture another moon mid level.

#46 – Vaulting Up a High-Rise

Follow the instructions for the moon above to get to this challenge high in the clouds above New Donk. About middle of the level, once you’ve passed the first set of moving red poles, next to the guy shouting “What an athlete”, don’t drop from the pole. Instead keep hanging as it takes you upward and you will see a stone block you can wall jump off of to another pole. Keep doing this, going upwwards, until you reach this moon.

Vaulting Up a High-Rise

#47 – Bullet Billding

From MAin Street Entrance flag go north and enter the first alleyway to the right. Look at the big map above and where we marked it with 47 and 48 is where the entrance is. You have to climb up yellow girders, while avoiding being hit by Bullet Bills to get to the end of this mini level. Like with all previous mini levels there is another moon hiding here and look at #48 explanation as to where to find it. After you successfully navigate the girders you’ll be able to pick this one up.

#48 – One Man’s Trash…

Follow the instructions above to get inside the mini level with yellow girders and Bullet Bills. After you climb the first set of girders and bullet bills start going after you capture one. Look around and you should see a lonely platform hanging in mid air with a trash can on top of it. Navigate the captured Bullet Bill into the trash can and moon will pop out.

One Mans Trash

#49 – Motor Scooter: Escape!

This is one of the cooler sections in the game. There’s an entrance into the triangular building southwest of the New Donk City Hall Entrance flag. (At its northern tip). There’s a lonely scooter there. Once you hop on it a huge T-Rex starts chasing you. Keep your foot on the pedal, or rather, your finger on Y and follow the yellow markers on the road to collect all the regional coins and moon number 50. This moon is found at the end of the chase.

#50 – Big Jump: Escape!

Inside the triangular building southwest of the City Hall is the scooter mini game where you get chased by a dinosaurs. Trick is to look at the road and follow yellow markings towards rewards. About half way through the chase you will follow the yellow marks left and onto a stack of crates, with a singular crate on top of them and a moon on it. You need to first jump onto the bunch of crates and quickly align yourself along their middle. Now all you have to do is jump at the right time to collect #50.

#51 – Secret Path to New Donk City

Time to visit other kingdoms. Go to the Sand kingdom. You should have unlocked Tostarena Ruins Round Tower. Warp to it and you should take a look east. There is a lone tall pillar there. (Used to have a power moon on it). There’s a jaxi station next to it. Warp painting is on its side. Use Glydon to glide to it and warp yourself back to Metro kingdom. You’ll be teleported to a lone island in the northeast part of the map with the only treasure there being this power moon.

Secret Path to New Donk City

#52 – A Tourist in the Metro Kingdom

There’s a Tostarenan on a quest to visit all kingdoms. For him to appear in Metro Kingdom you will first have to initiate the quest back at Sand Kingdom. He is next to the main town flag. Talk to him and he should now start his quest. His first stop is in Metro Kingdom and he is next to the Main Entrance flag. Talk to him to get the moon.

#53 – Found with Metro Kingdom Art

Hint art is in a hard to reach spot. Southwest of the NEw Donk City Hall Entrance flag is a triangular building. If you look up to it you will see the hint art close to the rooftop. You need to get to the top of the building across the triangular one, activate the red switch to create platforms that take you to the triangular building and drop onto a metal platform. From there drop onto a very narrow ledge and slowly navigate to the hint art. Once you look at it you should go to Lake Kingdom. Go to the Water plaza and enter its bubble from above so you are on the third floor. You need to position yourself as shown on the screenshot bellow and ground smash jump to reveal the moon.

#54 – Bird Traveling in the City

There’s a bird patrolling the southeaster section of New Donk. It flies pretty high up and it took 15 minutes for me to catch it. I tried grabing it by jumping on the taxis along its path, but it was hard aligning myself the right way. In the end I used the roof of the building overlooking the little park where rope jumping challenge is at and dive jumping into the bird. Refer to the map bellow where I’ve drown the path the bird takes, but note that she flies over buildings. You can follow where the bird is at by the shadow it makes on the ground. That can help if you are trying to jump into it via taxis.

metro kingdom bird flight path Bird Traveling in the City

#55 – Mario Signs His Name

You can capture the giant Mario letters next to the jump rope ladies at the Main City Entrance park. Move them to spell out Mario and get the moon.

#56 – Surprise Clown!

You will need to buy a Clown outfit. It costs 150 gold coins at the Cap Store. I had it available, but I think you will need to collect a certain number of power moons before it becomes available for purchase. Go to the man in the most northwest corner of the city (look at the mark on the big map above for his exact location) to receive the moon for making him laugh.

#57 – A Request from the Mayor

Mayor Pauline is at the Main City Hall Entrance. You can talk to her and she will thank you for your efforts, but also mention she likes presents and ask you if you would like to participate in a quiz to get to know her better. If you say yes, you will have to answer to three of her questions correctly. Don’t worry – if you answer wrong you can repeat until you get the answer right. If you are wondering, we’ve written a detailed guide about Mayor Pauline quiz answers. After the quiz, you will still not get the moon. Time to bring our mayor a gift. Quiz was a way of getting to know the mayor better so you’ll know what she needs. For example, there’s a hat on a bench just right of the mayor, but the one she’s wearing right now is her favorite one and you’ll find this out by taking the quiz. Go to the Helipad travel flag and look just over the west edge. You should see a pink handbag surrounded by a circle of coins. Pick it up and bring it to Pauline for a Power Moon reward.

A Request from the Mayor

#58 – Jammin’ in the Metro Kingdom

Talk to the Music Toad east of the Main City Entrance flag. HE wants to listen to some music that contains revving of a tiny engine. If you’ve completed Power Moons #31 and #32 appropriate music should be added to your music library. Look under entry 80 named “RC Car” and play that music in front of the little bugger to get a moon from him.

#59 – Sphynx in the City

NExt to the Main City Entrance flag are green binoculars. You need to search the sky for airships resembling your Odyssey before you got a lot of moons. One of those airships has a Sphinx underneath it. Scout the skies until you find it, then zoom in on it. That should reward you with a moon. I found mine in the northwest corner of the city, but they can move around a bit.

#60 – Free Parking: Leap of Faith

OK, this power moon was completely insane. While chasing after the bird for moon #54 I saw another one of those guys that have a scooter parking spot, up on the roof of the building overlooking the park with the jump rope ladies. (just like that insane guy from power moon #25). I know of two scooter locations. One is next to the Main Entrance flag and I tried jumping on taxis and finding some stairs to get up onto the roof, but to no avail. So, I went to the second scooter, which is on top of the Main City Hall building. Tried jumping from there onto the roofs bellow, but it didn’t work. Turns out you have to activate the P switch there as if you are doing that challenge for moon #20. Accelerate along the checkered path and when you are facing the Odyssey jump over the edge with the scooter! Try navigating toward the roof where the parking guy is at. You should land exactly in front of him. Leap of Faith indeed.
Super Mario Odyssey Free Parking: Leap of Faith

#61 – Metro Kingdom Regular Cup

Roving racers are located on the roof of the building marked on the big map above under pin 61. To win this cup you need to go left, to the big red button on the roof. Dive jump across the path . Flip yourself from the building’s north edge towards the rooftop cafe, aiming for the metal platform and do a dive jump in the last few meters to reach it. From there you just have to be faster flicking yourself up the building than the leading Koopa racer.

Metro Kingdom Regular Cup

#62 – Hat-and-Seek: In The City

There’s a little visitor from the Cap Kingdom next to the Main City Entrance flag. He says he lost his friends and they are roaming the city hidden. You need to walk around the park area searching for random humans that have a hat with two eyes on them. You will have a talk prompt when close to the hidden Bonneter. Once you talk to him you get the moon.

#63 – Powering Up the Power Plant

Go to the Power Plant manhole south of the Outside Cafe flag. Go past the poison plants and you’ll arrive to where you fought the two giant Poison plants. There is a puzzle to be solved there now instead. Refer to the screenshot below for a solution.

metro kingdom power plant power moon puzzle solution

#64 – Up on the Big Screen

From the Outside Cafe flag go to the east side of the building south of the flag. There’s a queue of people in font of the entrance. Inside you will get to play World 1-1 in front of the audience. It is not a carbon copy, but still. You get this moon at the end of the level, but make sure you pick up moon #65 as well, as described bellow.

#65 – Down Inside the Big Screen

Follow the instructions for the moon above to enter the building where you play World 1-1 level in all its 8-bit 2D glory. Enter the fourth green pipe to discover a secret room with this power moon inside it.

#66 – Peach in the Metro Kingdom

Final moon is found on top of the building south of the Outside Cafe flag. You can reach the top by using orange poles to flick yourself upwards. Princess Peach is awaiting there with your prize.metro kingdom Princess Peach

Moon Rock Metro Kingdom Power Moons

Once you’ve played through the game’s main story, you should revisit all the kingdoms, including Metro Kingdom. In each world, you’ll be able to find a Moon Rock, which is a glowing, square, gray boulder. The game will point it out for you when you return to Metro Kingdom. Opening it will release another 15 Power Moons you can collect.

#67. Hanging Between Buildings
#68. Crossing Lines
#69. Out of a Crate in the City
#70. Bird Traveling in the Park
#71. Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 3
#72. Found in the Park! Good Dog!
#73. RC Car Champ!
#74. Metro Kingdom Master Cup
#75. Hat-and-Seek: In the Crowd
#76. Scaling Pitchblack Mountain
#77. Reaching Pitchblack Island
#78. Swinging Scaffolding: Jump!
#79. Swinging Scaffolding: Break!
#80. Moto Scooter: Daredevil!
#81. Full-Throttle Scooting!


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