How to Defeat Sophia Dojo Master in Temtem

Temtem Dojo Master Sophia is the head trainer in the Arrisola Dojo and the first boss in the game. She is a very difficult enemy, and you need a good squad of Temtems to defeat her. And even then, you might need more than one attempt. In our How to Defeat Sophia Dojo Master in Temtem guide, we’re going to show you how to beat Dojo Master Sophia, what the best Temtems against hers are, and more.

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How to Defeat Sophia Dojo Master in Temtem
How to Defeat Sophia Dojo Master in Temtem

How to Beat Temtem Dojo Master Sophia?

To defeat Dojo Master Sophia in Temtem, you’ll have to have at least two Gankis, and a strong Wind type like Tuwai. The rest of your roster will depend on your starter Temtem, but the Gankis are gonna be really, really important. Anyway, Sophie always opens the battle with the same combo: Kalabyss (Water / Toxic) i Loali (Nature / Wind). This combo gives Loali toxic attacks, too, which is no fun at all.

Your opening play should be either two Gankis, or a Ganki and a Tuwai. Your first target is the Kalabyss, get rid of it as soon as you can. When you do, Sophia will summon her next Temtem, likely Sparzy (Electric), who is likely going to be your worst problem. Kill Loali, too, if you have the chance, but don’t overexert yourself on that. Sparzy is your main problem here.

There are several ways to combat Sparzy. If your starter Temtem is Crystle, bring it out immediately. It will destroy Sparzy fairly quickly. If you have Smazee, bring it out and unleash everything you have on Sparzy. Houchic is the worst option here, but you can summon it together with a Tateru with Soft Touch. Then, you can make Sparzy sleep, and keep attacking with Tateru. Another option is using a Skail leveled up to 5 or Tateru at level 13, where they get the Sand Splatter attach, which does double damage to Sparzy.

Once you manage to drop Sophia’s Sparzy, you’re more or less in the clear. Your remaining Ganki or two will make short work of Tuwai and Pigepic. Lastly, there’s the Oceara. This one is really powerful, yes, but a combo of a Ganki, Saku, and / or Kaku should be able to deal with it.

Best Temtem Against Sparzy, Oceara, Kalabyss, Loali, Tuwai, Pigepic

The best Temtems against Kalabyss and Loali, which are Sophia’s first two creatures, are a combo of either two Gankis, or a Ganki and a Tuwai, as we’ve mentioned above. Kalabyss is a Water / Toxic Temtem, and Loali is a Nature / Wind one, so Electric and Wind types will chew them up and spit them out.

The best Temtems to fight Sparzy, the biggest headache of the bunch, are Crystle, a combo of Houchic and Tateru with the Soft Touch trait, and or a level 5 Skail / level 13 Tateru. Crystle is the best option, since Crystal types are fantastic against Electrics. The second combo lets Houchic make Sparzy sleep, allowing Tateru to attack without the enemy waking up. Lastly, the Skail and Tateru have the Sand Splatter attack, dealing double damage against Electric.

When it comes to Tuwai and Pigepic, Ganki is the best solution. Both Pigepic and Tuwai are wind-type Temtems, and Electric-types are really, really efficient against them. Last, but definitely not least, we’ve got Oceara. The most efficient for that battle are Ganki, Saku, and Kaku. But probably Ganki, if you have any left at that stage.

Of course, these are only our insights into this battle. You might have had a different strategy that worked for you. Let us know what you’ve done in the comments. If you need further help with the game, check out some of our other Temtem guides. We’ve written How to Earn Money, Luma Pigepic Spawn Location, and How to Capture Water Temtem.

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