How to Challenge & Battle Other Temtem Players

Challenging and battling other players in Temtem is a cool feature of the game that lets you fight other people in the game, whether it’s your friends or strangers. However, the method of challenging others to battle is a bit convoluted in Temtem if you don’t know what to do. Which is a shame, because this is a cool feature. If this whole thing is giving you trouble, then our How to Challenge & Battle Other Temtem Players guide is the right place to be.

How to Challenge & Battle Other Temtem Players
How to Challenge & Battle Other Temtem Players

How to Challenge & Battle Other Players in Temtem?

To challenge and battle other players in Temtem, the first order of business is to hit Tab for the menu to pop up. Then, click on the little icon that has two people on it. The next step depends on whether you want to challenge a friend or a stranger. If it’s a friend, click on the Friends icon, and select which one of them you want to fight in the list. That is, of course, if you’ve added them as a friend already, as we describe in our How to Play Co-Op in Group with Friends guide.

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Click Interact or Friends

If you’re set on challenging a stranger instead, then click the Interact icon. This will show you a list of people in your vicinity. Choose who you want to fight against, and send them a challenge. When you send someone an invitation to battle, a short timer will start. If they decline the invitation, or it runs out, it’s gone, and you’ll have to try again with somebody else. If they do accept, however, the battle will commence, and you’ll be able to use any and all Temtems that are in your squad.

So, that’s how you challenge and battle other players in Temtem. In case you need more help with the game, check out some of our other Temtem guides. To name just a few, we’ve written Surfboard Location, TemCards Locations, and Best Starting Temtem – Crystle, Smazee or Houchic.

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