Turquesa Ferry Quest - Find Riverine Fellowship, Jana & Idris in Temtem

Temtem Turquesa Ferry quest is a side mission that you can complete in the game. The Turquesa Ferry side quest sends you to several locations in the Turquesa area, on the search for Riverine Fellowship, Jana, Idris, and the ferry itself. However, access to Turquesa is cut off from you until you reach a specific point in the story. So, in our Turquesa Ferry Quest – Find Riverine Fellowship, Jana & Idris in Temtem guide, we’re going to show you where to find these locations, and how to complete the side quest.

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Turquesa Ferry Quest Find Riverine Fellowship Jana & Idris in Temtem
Turquesa Ferry Quest – Find Riverine Fellowship, Jana & Idris in Temtem

Where to Find Riverine Fellowship, Jana & Idris in Temtem Turquesa Ferry Quest?

To find the Riverine Fellowship, Jana and Idris in the Turquesa Ferry quest in Temtem, you’ll have to get the Surfboard first. Once you have that, you’ll be able to explore the southeast of Deniz. First off, the Riverine Fellowship, which is on the island marked as number 1 on the map below. Speak to the NPC at the entrance into the Fellowship, and she’ll point you towards Jana.

To find Jana, you’ll have to find Sirokos, which is to the east of the Fellowship (number 2 on the map). Find Jana outside of Sirokos, and you’ll learn that you have to talk to Idris. He’s the dude with the mohawk chilling on one of the docks in the northwest of Turquesa (number 3 on the map). As it turns out, he up and lost the ferry. So, of course, you’ll have to find it. Hop onto your board and sail up the Sillaro River towards the question mark. Speak to the NPCs next to the ship, and then back to Idris.

how to complete turquesa ferry quest in temtem
Turquesa Ferry Quest key locations

Yusuf will give you two Revives for the information. Now, head all the way back to Theodora, aka the person who gave you the quest in the first place. Talk to her, and you’ll also receive three Smoke Bombs. That is going to wrap up the Turquesa Ferry Quest in Temtem.

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