Nessla Spawn Location in Temtem

Nessla is a Water / Electric type Temtem that is a great addition to any party, but, since it lives in the water, you can only catch it if you can go out into a sea or lake. And even when you have what you need to set sail, you might not know where to find wild Nessla in Temtem, since it’s a relatively rare spawn. In our Nessla Spawn Location in Temtem guide, we’re going to show you where to find Nessla spawn points, as well as some tips on how to catch it.

Nessla Spawn Location in Temtem
Nessla Spawn Location in Temtem

Where to Find Temtem Nessla Spawn?

To find Nessla’s spawn point in Temtem, the first order of business is to get the Surfboard. So, just push through the main story until you fight and defeat Sophia in one of the Dojos. Which, as it turns out, can be a bit easier said than done, but you have to beat her before moving on with the game. Anyways, once you get your hands on the Surfboard, you’ll want to go to the lake in Thalassian Cliffs, southeast of the Dojo where you battled Sophia (check out the map below to see where you need to go).

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where to find nessla spawn location temtem
Nessla spawn point location

There are other places where Nessla can appear, but this is arguably the best spot. Approach the shore of the lake and step into the water; the surfboard will appear automatically. Sail onto the water and basically just go in circles until a Nessla appears. The spawn rate is fairly low, sitting at around 10% or so. In other words, you might be there for a bit; arm yourself with patience. When a wild Nessla does eventually appear, you’ll have to fight it in order to bring its health down enough to catch it. The process is exactly the same as with any other Temtem.

How to Prevent Wild Nessla Dying of Overexertion?

To prevent the wild Nessla dying of overexertion, or any other Temtem you’re trying to catch, for that matter, here’s what you can do. During the battle, get the Nessla down to around sixty or so percent health. Then, turtle up and keep resting until it overexerts itself. It’ll lose more health, yes, but should have enough health to survive. As an added bonus, this will send it into stun, allowing you a nice window to catch it more easily. It takes more time, certainly, but at least you won’t lose the Temtem to being tired.

Nessla is a fairly powerful Electric / Water type Temtem, and a very welcome addition to any squad. In fact, you might have noticed just how brutal one of these can be during your struggle against Sophia. If you need more assistance with Temtem, check out some of our other guides on the subject. Among other articles, we’ve written Fast Travel in Temtem, Denizan Icarus Quest – Barnshe Location, and How to Challenge & Battle Other Temtem Players.

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