Evil Within 2 New Trailer Revealed “The Wrathful, Righteous Priest”

With just over two weeks until release, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have decided to tease us with another trailer for their horror adventure, The Evil Within 2. The trailer expounds on the motives and personality of the mysterious father Theodore. On the surface he seems like a standard fire and brimstone preacher, promising a “righteous” fury and immolation to those who oppose him. The zealous priest has Sebastian in his crosshairs as they both seek his “deceased” daughter, albeit for different reasons.

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Theodore pursues his own agenda in accessing STEM and is not aligned with MOBIUS; in fact, he thinks they are misguided. Sebastian will have to learn more about him and his schemes if he hopes to find Lily and escape the nightmare of STEM.

Like Stefano, he has his own servants within the STEM system. But, while Stefano’s creatures are creations of his own mind, Theodore’s disciples are real humans he has bent to his will and who now “burn for all eternity” bringing his fiery retribution to all who would oppose him.

The manipulative preacher makes no bones that he plans to use Lilly and STEM to rule the world, doing a much better job than MOBIUS. He’s also not shy about threatening and cajoling those around him. His confidence in his own righteousness seems absolute.

Players will have to use all their wits as they dive back into the dark and grim setting of the Evil Within. And Sebastian Castellanos will need all the help he can get. The detective is but a shadow of his former self and will have to face off against two ruthless and devious villains. Does he still have what it takes?

The Evil Within 2 is set to be released worldwide on October 13th on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.