The Evil Within 2 Story Recap - What you Need to Know

The Evil Within 2 has a rich story that relies on some parts from the previous title. If you’ve skipped playing it, you won’t be out in the cold completely. In the upcoming title, the world still relies on the mechanics from the first game, but the story is completely new, with a new setting.

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The Evil Within 2 Story Recap -  What you Need to Know
The Evil Within 2 Story Recap – What you Need to Know

The latest story recap information was written by Anne Marie Lewis, a global content manager at Bethesda, in her The Evil Within 2 Story FAQ. Be sure to check it out for more details.

The Evil Within 2 Main Protagonist Story

Former detective Sebastian Castellanos is the main protagonist of the second title, as well. In the first game, he was still a detective working at Krimson City Police Department. He was sent into Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate a series of missing people. This is where all hell breaks loose, and the main plot begins.

Although we are playing as Sebastian once again, this time, the situation is completely different. Unlike the first game, Sebastian is now only a shadow of his former self. His past actions left a mark on him, as he lost his job and became an alcoholic.

In the first game, we find out a bit about his previous life, when he was a husband and a father. This is where the main connection with the next game begins. Allegedly, he lost his daughter in a tragic fire accident. But is that really true?

STEM World and Mobius

The horrors of the first game happened in the Krimson City STEM world. STEM is a device that is used for connecting human minds in an alternate world. There is one central mind, which is being used as a “Core”. This mind builds the world and controls everything in it.

STEM is created and controlled by a shadowy organization called Mobius. The goal behind creating it STEM is their desire to change the world and become humanity’s new leaders. Their resources are unlimited, while remaining a total mystery to the public. Sebastian was caught in the first STEM world accidentally by his partner Juli Kidman, who is a secret Mobius agent.

Juli Kidman has her reasons that go beyond being simply evil. She is our main protagonist’s essential connection in the second game, and the reason why he’s in there once again. The information that shook Sebastian up is that his daughter Lily is alive, and being used as the “Core” of another STEM world, “Union”.

Mobius lost its control over this world, and after it has sent numerous agents in order to find Lily (who is missing), they contacted Sebastian through Kidman to help them out. Castellanos doesn’t care much about Mobius at this point; all he wants is to get his girl out. However, finding these agents will be useful, as they give you side quests, leading to new weapons, resources stashes, or information.

Should I play the first game to fully understand The Evil Within 2?

The second game leans heavily on the game mechanics from the first game. In that sense, you’ll be missing a lot by not playing it, but you won’t be completely left in dark if you decide to skip it and start from The Evil Within 2. This one has a completely new story, set in a new world, with new characters.

If you still decide to at least read about its main characters, be sure to get to know Sebastian Castellanos, the STEM world, Mobius and Juli Kidman. In the past, we’ve done another detailed main story plot recap. If you’ve missed it, there is also a gameplay trailer.

We’ve done coverage of the first game, including all chapter walkthroughs, and we hope we’ll have fun doing the second one as well. Stay well!

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