Evil Within 2 Locker Keys, Mysterious Objects, Red Gel, Slides, Files, & Other Collectibles

Evil Within 2 has a ton of various collectibles. They are strewn all throughout the game, and some of them are very well-hidden. Despite this, finding them is well-worth your time and effort. A lot of them are tied to achievements; more importantly, many of them will unlock some kind of upgrade or bonus items in Evil Within 2. At the very least, they give you some extra story bits and lore, forming a more complete image of the game’s universe.

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Evil Within 2 Collectibles & Unlockables
Evil Within 2 Collectibles & Unlockables

Unlockables & Collectibles in Evil Within 2

Evil Within 2 Locker Key

First on our list, we have the Evil Within 2 locker keys. As the name implies, they open the many lockers in Nurse Tatiana’s treatment area. Each one of them contains some little bonus, like bullets or crafting materials. Unlocking all 32 grants you the Locksmith achievement (for more info, check out our Evil Within 2 Trophies / Achievements List article). The catch is that the keys are in small statues that you have to break. Naturally, a fair number of statues are tucked away in little nooks and crannies.

evil within 2 mysterious objects fallout figurine

Next up, we have the Mysterious Objects in Evil Within 2. These objects are fun little toys and other artifacts referencing to other Bethesda games, such as Quake, Doom, Fallout, Dishonored, etc. There’s a total of eight you can find, which gives you the All in The Family achievement. Each one you collect will appear in Sebastian’s Room, on the cabinet.

Evil Within 2 Photographic Slides Locations

If you’re into lore, then finding Photographic Slides are a must for you. There are twelve you can find scattered around in the game. You can then watch them on the slide projector in Sebastian’s Room. Then, select the Talk to Kidman option, and you’ll find out more about character backstories and the overall lore of the Evil Within universe. Not to mention that talking to Kidman about all twelve slides earns you the Chatting with Kidman trophy.

Evil Within 2 How to Get Red Gel - Locations

Interested more in unlocking all the skills from the skill tree? You’ll have to collect Evil Within 2 Red Gel. If you take a look at the skill tree, you’ll notice several padlocks in there. To get past those, you’ll need to spend Red Gel; there’s no other way to get around them. When you use your first Red Gel, you’ll get the You Got Red in You achievement.

The Evil Within 2 File Locations Guide

Back to the subject of lore collectibles. There’s a whopping forty files in Evil Within 2. A lot of these are extremely well-hidden. There’s even one that appears right at the start of the game, that you can miss easily if you’re not paying attention, and never get the Diligent Reader trophy. Make sure to read every file to get a more complete picture of Evil Within 2.

evil within 2 residual memory locations echos from stem trophy

Speaking of lore, make sure not to miss the Residual Memories. There are twenty-four of them to find, which will then grant you the Echoes with STEM trophy. More importantly for lore-lovers, you have to listen to them all. Tune in, and listen to what they have to say. You’ll find out more about the events from before Sebastian entered the STEM world.

Evil Within 2 Handgun Ammo Pouch Locations Guide

Now, some of you might be annoyed by the small amounts of ammo that you can carry. The game’s got your back on that, if you’re willing to go looking. There are several types of ammo pouches you can find, such as the Handgun Ammo Pouch and Shotgun Ammo Pouch. The more of them you find, the more ammo you can carry with you. Mostly, you’ll find them on the bodies of dead Mobius soldiers.

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