The Evil Within - All Chapter Walkthroughs and Guides

The Evil Within is a new survival horror game that will give you the spooks. This intricate game is filled with puzzles, dangerous monsters, and mysterious forces that create a dynamic and action-packed world to explore. Game was produced by the famous Shinji Mikami, known for being involved in the making of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry franchises. The game revolves around Sebastian Castellanos, a detective who is sent to investigate strange murders in Crimson City. As soon as Castellanos arrives at the crime scene with his colleagues, things turn from bad to worse.

We’ve played this game thoroughly in order to create screenshot guides that will help you complete the game, defeat all bosses and find collectibles, stone statues and lore items as you go through the chapters. While wandering throughout the world of the Evil Within you will find 16 Personal Documents, 16 Documents, 28 Map Fragments, 21 Newspapers, 15 Missing Person Posters, 10 Audio Tapes, and 45 Keys. The complete list of all chapter guides is given below:

Chapter 1 – An Emergency Call
Like waking up from a bad dream, you’re thrown straight into the action. The game doesn’t give much intro while you’re trying to outrun the chainsaw psycho, to finally escape the building badly wounded.

Chapter 2 – Remnants
After a crash in the ambulance vehicle, you’ll try to find out what is going on around you. The game guides you through its mechanics, different ways of defeating the zombies, disarming traps and other basics.

Chapter 3 – Claws of the Horde
This chapter is filled with action, since you finally get a chance to test new weapons, such as: the Agony crossbow and the shotgun. The chapter ends with a boss fight while you’re making your way through a courtyard filled with zombies. We help you with strategies on how to defeat The Sadist – chainsaw guy.

Chapter 4 – The Patient
While chasing Leslie you will come across a couple of new enemies. In our chapter 4 guide we help you survive large group of enemies and we described how to defeat, or outrun the six legged creature.

Chapter 5 – Inner Recesses
In this very long chapter filled with many small cutscenes, you stumble upon Kidman. After saving Kidman with the help of Joseph, you three try to escape the compound. We discuss the correct safe combination and how to defeat the six legged creature that reappears in this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Losing Grip on Ourselves
This chapter brings boss fights, and for the first time you will be able to handle Sniper Rifle and Freeze Bolts. We discuss strategies on defeating the chainsaw guy again, as well as two giants at the graveyard and how to solve the sacrificial puzzle 3 5 7 9. At the end we give out the strategy of dealing with the dog monster in the garden.

Chapter 7 – The Keeper
We tell you how to solve the stone lithograph puzzle. After disarming traps and defeating numerous monsters you will end up in an interesting fight against The Keeper (or as we like to call him – the Safe Box Monster). This boss is a little tricky, thus we described our tactic for defeating it.

Chapter 8 – A Planted Seed Will Grow
Although this chapter is very short, you will find more lore collectible items than in any previous one and we sdiscuss locations of them all.

Chapter 9 – The Cruelest Intentions
This chapter really enriches The Evil Within main story line. You will face Ruvik and we write about how to avoid him without dying. You also get detailed instructions on how to discover all three brain probes you need to unlock the central mansion doors. Exact locations for brain probing are shown in both screenshots and video. We help you with instructions on how to survive the traps afterwards as well. Final showdown in the barn is described with winning strategies.

Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools
This chapter is quite a long one, and very difficult as well. The six legged creature reappears, along with a new creature that you have to defeat in order to finish the chapter.

Chapter 11 – Reunion
This chapter takes place in the city. A nice change of scenery really makes this chapter enjoyable. A new weapon that one shot kills creatures is also available in this chapter. We’ll help you with the carousel room (and how to use it to your advantage). You’ll meet the harpoon wielding monsters so we help you deal with them and find all the hidden items in their vincinity. Once you come across the six legged creature again we’ll help you dispose of it with detailed tactics and screenshots. When you face the big creature at the Parking Lot we have prepared a few strategies for you to overcome the obstacle and continue to the next chapter.

Chapter 12 – The Ride
Even though this is a short chapter, you will face a spider monster twice and fight against enemies ambushing the bus. We go over all fights in detail.

Chapter 13 – Casualties
Going through the building floors, while trying to find a way to eventually meet up with Joseph, Leslie and Kidman, brings new dangers with each floor and the atmosphere is very intense. You can find screenshot guides for each floor, including key stone statue locations and other collectibles.

Chapter 14 – Ulterior Motives
The goal of this chapter is to reach the subway train. Ruvik doesn’t make this easy for you, as you have to find a way through different obstacles and monsters. You will find help in our guide on how to avoid getting electrocuted by traps and get the Entry Level Electrician achievement. We describe the big fight with the Slithering monster in detail so you defeat it easier.

Chapter 15 – An Evil Within
The last chapter of The Evil Within. After fights against several bosses, Castellanos’ adventure finally comes to an end.

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