Evil Within 2 New Game Plus unlockables - weapons, outfits, difficulty mode...

Completing The Evil Within 2 will unlock New Game Plus features, including new difficulty level, outfits for Sebastian, weapons, and other items. Rewards in New Game plus will depend on the difficulty level you chose for the first gamethrough. The Evil Within 2 starts with three difficulty options: Casual, Survival, and Nightmare. The first two modes offer basics of a survival horror experience, with less stress and aim assist mode, while the third one falls somewhere in between the Survival and Nightmare difficulties of the first game.

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evil within 2 magnum

Evil Within 2 unlockable Weapons: Magnum & Brass Knuckles

Based on the difficulty you finished the game on new weapons will be available for you.
Magnum – This weapon will be available after beating the story for the first time on Casual or Survival mode. You will be able to carry around this tiny cannon after a certain point in chapter 2 when playing a New game plus game.

Brass Knuckles: Beat the game on either Nightmare or Classic difficulties. When using Brass Knuckles you won’t be able to use the axe. This weapon increases the strength of physical attacks.

Evil Within 2 Classic Mode – the hardest difficulty option

Once you complete the game on any difficulty option, a new difficulty level will be available. It’s called Classic Mode and it will share some of the difficulty settings from the Akumu Mode available in the previous title. If you choose to play Classic Mode you’ll not be able to upgrade your weapons or character, there are no autosaves – the moment you die you will be returned to the title screen. You will be able to save your game only 7 times throughout the entire game.

Evil Within 2 additional outfits – Classic, Drifter and Professional

For those who want to explore the world again and collect the last remaining Mysterious Objects, Locker Keys, Slides or Files, Sebastian will be looking a bit different, because three additional outfits will be available in the New Game Plus: Classic, Drifter and Professional outfit.