The Last of Us 2 'Capitol Hill' collectibles - Safe, Artifact, Journal Entry, Workbench, Trading Card locations guide

Capitol Hill collectibles can be found in the Seattle Day 1 chapter of The Last of Us II. There are a bunch of them, including artifacts, trading cards, workbenches and safes. Some you’ll stumble upon while exploring the area, but others are well hidden and will require an effort. If you’re having trouble with any of the TLou2 Capitol Hill Seattle Day 1 collectible locations, this guide will help you.

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TLOU2 Capitol Hills Artifacts Safe Workbench Trading Cards Locations
TLou2 Capitol Hill Seattle Day 1 collectible locations

Chevy’s apology Artifact Location

There’s a Chevy’s apology artifact in house number 5 of the complex with the pool. That’s the one to the east of the pool. Go inside, head up the stairs, then go into the farthest bedroom. You’ll find the letter on the bed.

Kinnard, Esq Trading Card

There’s also a trading card in house number 3. When you go in, head to the small table next to the couch. Open the drawer and you’ll find the Kinnard, Esq trading card.

TLOU2 Capitol Hill Kinnard Esq Trading Card
Esq Trading Card Location

Rockafell Trading Card

Next up is the Rockafell trading card. This one’s in one of the rooms of the Capitol Inn motel. When you’re in front of the motel, head to the left, into the alley behind it. Look for an open window and climb into the room. The card will be on the floor, next to the trash can by the door.

TLOU2 Capitol Hill Rockafella Trading Card
Rockafella Trading Card Location

Raul’s olive branch Artifact

Go back to the inn sign, then head through the parking lot and make a left. Move the container so that it allows you to climb up to the balcony of the building next to the motel. Go to the kitchen and open the drawer next to the fridge, and you’ll find an artifact.

Workbench Location

There’s also a workbench in the area, hidden in a garage next to the gas station. You’ll need to crawl under the partly opened door to reach it.

Doctor Stem Trading Card & Rebecca’s Tip Off Artifact

You can get the Doctor Stem trading card from the book store across the road from the gas station. Go in, then head into the corridor that leads to the bathrooms. There’s a dresser there, in the listening area with the record player, and the card will be on it. There’s also an artifact in the same building. It’s in the cafe area, next to the ice cream machine behind the counter.

Sergeant Frost Trading Card

The next one is a trading card called Sergeant Frost. After you leave the book store, go through the basketball courts, then the parking lot, then drop down towards the building with the purple awning. Enter the storage area next to it, head right and follow the corridor until you find a bunch of lockers. The card will be in the farthest one.

Candelabra Trading Card

Once you’ve reached the cordoned-off area, you’ll be able to pick up the Candelabra trading card from the liquor store. Go inside, and head to the corner where the ATM is – it’ll be directly next to it.

TLOU2 Candelabra Trading Card Location Capitol Hill
Candelabra Trading Card Location

Tower Doodles Artifact

After you’ve finished there, instead of going down the hill, climb the watchtower on the right. You’ll find an artifact – Tower Doodles on a crate up there.

TLOU2 Capitol Hill Artefact Watch Tower
Tower Doodles Artefact Location

Raul’s Account Artifact Location

When you get down to the valley, you’ll pass a ruined bridge. There’s a military truck under it – head into the cargo area and you’ll find another artifact – Raul’s Account.

TLOU2 Capitol Hill Artifact Locations Truck
Raul’s Account Artifact Location

Fran’s Refusal Artifact & Workbench Location

After you’ve left the valley, you’ll run into a martial arts center. Go inside, and look for an artifact – Fran’s Refusal pinned to a corkboard in a hallway. There will be a workbench in one of the nearby rooms as well.

TLOU2 Capitol Hill Collectible Locations Dojo
Fran’s Refusal Artifact Location

Bizzarebra Trading Card

The next collectible is the Bizzarebra trading card. You’ll find it in the Wellwisher donation center, next to the martial arts school. Go inside and look to the left – you’ll find it on the bookshelf in the children’s section.

TLOU2 Bizzarebra Trading Card Capitol Hill
Bizzarebra Trading Card Location

Thrift Store Reminder Artifact Location

If you continue into the back room of the Wellwishers building, you’ll find an artifact – Thrift Store Reminder pinned to the corkboard on the right. This one’s also a hint for the combination of the upcoming safe.

TLOU2 Capitol Hill Chapter Collectibles
Thrift Store Reminder Artifact Location

Safe location

The safe is also hidden in the back of the Wellwishers store, in the room to the left. The artifact above and the writings on the bathroom wall will give you the code you need to open it.

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