The Last of Us 2 promises that the wait will be worth it

Although the game has been announced in December last year, there are still no real news on the development of The Last of Us 2. There has been word that Naughty Dog will be starting full production as soon as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is done, which should be by the end of the summer.

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Game director Neil Druckmann keeps the public interested by posting developments on twitter. Recently, there were pictures involving horse-riding motion capture (well, the horse was not a real one). This sparked the conversation regarding the use of horses in The Last of Us 2. The original game featured some riding, so it would only be expected for the sequel to do it, perhaps more and better.

On the plus side, Druckmann has been vocal about his love for Guerrilla games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn. The post apocalypse featuring mechanical dinosaurs has done really well. Apart from being praised for the story and characterization, the game looks gorgeous, especially on the PS4 Pro. This is what Druckmann specifically pointed out in comparison with TLoU2:

“The graphics are staggering. I don’t even think of it as graphics because I’m in the woods. I’m in this overgrown environment, and I’m like, ‘How are they getting so much foliage, such density in an open-world game.’ You better believe I’m going to my team, and I’m saying like, ‘Okay. This is the bar now. We have to top this.’ It’s awesome. We’re super excited for you guys, we know how hard you worked on this game.”

If anyone can do it better than Guerrilla Games, it is definitely the Sony’s powerhouse of Naughty Dog. The worst part is the wait, which seems to be inevitable, perhaps all the way until 2019.


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