Tomb Raider Shantytown Map of Collectible Locations

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map of Shantytown
ChallengesDocumentsGPS Caches
Silencer 1Endurance Crew – Grim: The Good Old DaysGPS Cache 1
Silencer 2Confessions of a Solarii – Toil and DistractionGPS Cache 2
Silencer 3Confessions of a Solarii – Survival of the FittestGPS Cache 3
Silencer 4Diaries of a Madman – BeliefGPS Cache 4
Laid to Rest 1Diaries of a Madman – ObsessionGPS Cache 5
Laid to Rest 2 GPS Cache 6
Laid to Rest 3 GPS Cache 7
Laid to Rest 4 GPS Cache 8
Laid to Rest 5 GPS Cache 9
  GPS Cache 10
  GPS Cache 11
  GPS Cache 12
  GPS Cache 13
  GPS Cache 14
  GPS Cache 15
RelicsTreasure MapsCamps
Inro – Decorative InroShantytown Relic Map Helicopter Hill
Animal Statuary – Jade HorseShantytown GPS Cache MapWindmill
Animal Statuary – Jade Water Buffalo Well of Tears day camp
Inro – Metal Inro Ancient Gate
Inro – Commander’s Inro Chamber of Judgment Day Camp
Inro – Scribe’s Inro Vista Tower
Animal Statuary – Jade Drinking Vessel  
Well of Tears  
Chamber of Judgment  



  1. T

    Why don’t you have challenge icons on this map?

    1. G

      We’ll add those in the next 24 hours. In the meantime check out the guides to challenges in Shantytown located here: and here: (we have screenshots of map locations there as well)

  2. thanks needed 2 silencers for 100% couldnt find em for anything

  3. Is it possible to get back to Vista Tower after completing it? I didn’t collect the camp and now I am stuck with 5/6 camps.

  4. sir how am i suppose to get the last camp at the lowest portion of the map tnx

  5. C

    You guys did a fantastic job thanks!

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