Tomb Raider Shantytown Map of Collectible Locations

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map of Shantytown
ChallengesDocumentsGPS Caches
Silencer 1Endurance Crew – Grim: The Good Old DaysGPS Cache 1
Silencer 2Confessions of a Solarii – Toil and DistractionGPS Cache 2
Silencer 3Confessions of a Solarii – Survival of the FittestGPS Cache 3
Silencer 4Diaries of a Madman – BeliefGPS Cache 4
Laid to Rest 1Diaries of a Madman – ObsessionGPS Cache 5
Laid to Rest 2 GPS Cache 6
Laid to Rest 3 GPS Cache 7
Laid to Rest 4 GPS Cache 8
Laid to Rest 5 GPS Cache 9
  GPS Cache 10
  GPS Cache 11
  GPS Cache 12
  GPS Cache 13
  GPS Cache 14
  GPS Cache 15
RelicsTreasure MapsCamps
Inro – Decorative InroShantytown Relic Map Helicopter Hill
Animal Statuary – Jade HorseShantytown GPS Cache MapWindmill
Animal Statuary – Jade Water Buffalo Well of Tears day camp
Inro – Metal Inro Ancient Gate
Inro – Commander’s Inro Chamber of Judgment Day Camp
Inro – Scribe’s Inro Vista Tower
Animal Statuary – Jade Drinking Vessel  
Well of Tears  
Chamber of Judgment  




    Why don’t you have challenge icons on this map?


      We’ll add those in the next 24 hours. In the meantime check out the guides to challenges in Shantytown located here: and here: (we have screenshots of map locations there as well)

    thanks needed 2 silencers for 100% couldnt find em for anything

    Is it possible to get back to Vista Tower after completing it? I didn’t collect the camp and now I am stuck with 5/6 camps.

    sir how am i suppose to get the last camp at the lowest portion of the map tnx


    You guys did a fantastic job thanks!

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