Tower of Fantasy Musical Puzzle Solution in Ring of Echoes

In our Tower of Fantasy Musical Puzzle Solution in Ring of Echoes guide, we are going to explain how to solve this particular riddle. The musical note pressure plates puzzle solution is not very difficult once you get going. However, figuring out this first step is where the true problem actually lies. So, here’s what you need to do.

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tower of fantasy musical puzzle solution in ring of echoes
Tower of Fantasy Musical Puzzle Solution in Ring of Echoes

How to Solve Ring of Echoes Tower of Fantasy Musical Note Puzzle

The solution to the Ring of Echoes musical note pressure pad puzzle in Tower of Fantasy is pretty simple, once you know how to begin it. So, the first step to solve this riddle is to stand on the circular, metal plate in front of all the pressure pads. It’s the one with an X and square in the middle. Stand there and face the puzzle, then slowly turn to the right. There, between two small tree saplings (or two succulent plants, I can’t really tell), you’ll see another pad that’s slightly further away from the others. That’s the first one you need to jump onto. From there, things are as easy as pie. It pretty much completes itself.

To solve the rest of the Tower of Fantasy Ring of Echoes musical note puzzle, you simply have to jump on the next lit pad. It’s very easy to see which one you need to go next. If you want to make it even easier, do the puzzle during the night. Either way, all that’s left to do is hop from one lit pad to another. Once you complete the sequence, a Lost Treasure chest will appear on the circular metal plate we mentioned before. Inside, you should find a Golden Nucleus, and you’ll get some exploration points for opening the chest. And there you have it. If you’re struggling with something else in the game, feel free to peruse our list of Tower of Fantasy guides. We have articles like How to Get Voyager, How to Change Language, and many others.

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