Uncharted 4 Chapter 10 Treasure Locations - Twelve Towers

Chapter 10: Twelve Towers is a mission in Uncharted 4. It takes place in Madagascar, Africa.
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There are 15 treasures to collect there, hidden across the huge map. You get to drive a jeep through most of the level. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find all Uncharted 4 chapter 10 treasures.

Twelve Towers Treasure Locations

Shortly after you start the mission, you’ll see a ruin to your left. Get close to it and climb to the upper floor. You’ll find the Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box on a crate there.

As you continute, you’ll reach a river. If you go left, you’ll get to a waterfall. Enter the cave behind it and take a right. Climb onto the wooden structure using the nearby crate. The Eroded Flintlock Pistol is on a barrel on the right side of the platform.

You’ll soon reach a tower where you have to use the winch to pull the jeep up a hill. Go behind the tower and use the beams to get to the upper floor. There will be a crate there, with the Mughal Ivory Powder Flask inside.

When you follow the meandering road down the hill, you’ll see some ruins on the side. Stop and look for a crate behind one of the crumbling walls. You’ll find a Parchment Scroll inside it.

As you jump off a small cliff next to a lake, the road will lead you to a U turn going past a cave. Enter the cave to find the Ancient Fertility Idol, on one of the crates hidden inside.

While you’re trying to outrun the mercenaries, you’ll notice remnants of a small stone house by the road. Climb to the upper floor and you’ll find a Pocket Celestial Map on a windowsill.

When you reach the lower plane, there will be a small fort next to a cliff. Climb to the roof and go to the right. There will be an opening – use it to drop down inside. Follow the corridors until you reach the door. The English Ale Bottle will be on a table next to it.

Near the oasis with the baobab trees, there is a well. Jump inside and use the winch on the jeep to pull down the supporting beam in the tunnel. Climb onto the collapsed beam. Turn right and jump across the stream. Use the ledges to climb up, and you’ll find the Pewter Letter Cylinder on the table.

While you’re looking for a way up to the beacon tower, you’ll go through a mercenary camp in some ruins. You’ll see a giant locked door leading into a building under the hill. Use the detonator to blow up the door and enter. At the end of the corridor, you’ll find the Antique Tea Tin.

Looking up from the baobab oasis, the beacon tower will be on your right. Go up the hill on your left. You’ll find a ruined house there. Inside, in the far left corner, is a barrel with the Mughal Box on it.

Go through the mine shaft at the foot of the hill where the beacon tower is. You’ll reach a mercenary camp, with a hole in the middle of the settlement. Jump inside – it leads into a bunker. In the far right corner of the room, on a crate next to a corpse, you’ll find the English Musket Bandolier.

When you reach the signal tower at the top of the hill, get out of your car and climb it. There will be a brazier on top, with a Scottish Two Pence Coin inside.

When you get to the final tower, turn left along its wall. You’ll stumble upon a pile of crates. Seach them to find the Scottish Snuff Mull.

While exploring the undergroung with Sam and Sully, you’ll raise a gate to enter a large hall with a circular stairwell in the middle of it, leading further down. Look for a pile of crates to the left of it. This is where you’ll find the Brass and Ivory Tankard.

In the same room, turn to the other side. You’ll see a broken crate in the corner, with the Muff Pistol next to it.